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A mind-blowing game!
268 Views 11/16/2022
Best game as compared to other stunt biking games.Best graphics and it's best speciality is there are no advertisements which makes mind very relaxed while playing because we get freedom from annoying advertisements which comes in between other game apps. Simply loved it.👍
242 Views 11/15/2022
TapTap Editor
8 Views 04/08/2021
yaeh it's pretty good. I had fun levelling up while unlocking new vehicles and progressing through the stages which contain many races and time trials. Plus, a lot of the tracks are very cleverly designed which makes for quite a spectacle as you perform loops and avoid hazards. In fact, the only difference in this game is that it sometimes tries new things on the camera. "Gravity Knight Zero" does not use the usual 2D/2.5D perspective, but often switches to the 3D perspective. This is a neat idea, but considering that you have to pass a course full of obstacles, and with a pretty good editing, you are more likely to feel unnecessary distractions.
TapTap Editor
2 Views 03/29/2021
Similar to Ubisoft's "Trials" game series, players control motorcyclists to ride on the ever-changing track. What you have to do is to control the balance of the motorcycle, for example, by turning the degree of tilt of the rider to adapt to the slope of the track, and in some special tracks, you need to accelerate and decelerate in time to avoid dangerous organs, and sometimes you need to create new tracks by destroying scene props. Overall, the playability is high, with a rich map track design and a test of the player's operation. Subsequent players can also customize their own racing style according to their needs.
0 Views 09/10/2022
this is a cool bike race game eaver woo
1 View 04/14/2021
i can't believe that this game is on mobile! the graphic and the gameplay are so satisfying! i give five with no hesitation man.
0 Views 05/01/2021
best game racing loves amd follow me
0 Views 07/22/2021
don't download guys, it's spotted, it's not exciting anymore
0 Views 10/04/2020
Moga Kurniawan
0 Views 05/12/2020
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