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Raccolta di GAMEPLAY su Warface GO: Army shooting game! 🧀 shorturl.at/dmrT1
5 Views 02/05/2023
I never load into this game
baby juju
0 Views 02/12/2023
It so
Seth Huddleston
5 Views 01/16/2023
If you like Call of Duty Mobile, your phone doesn't have enough memory, to enjoy the gane fully and you have an itch trigger thumb, this game is the game for you. It doesn't have a battle royal, which keeps it small enough for Androids. It has a huge selection of weapons and armor, Decent size maps and a smooth gameplay to boot. I recommend this game to all.
Cyclone Arti
3.2K Views 12/24/2022
Warface: Global Operations|Gameplay
11 Views 01/06/2023
'Warface: Global Operations – Shooting game (FPS)' review
0 Views 01/05/2023
57 Views 10/21/2019
oh come on, i played warface on steam a few years ago. i love that game, i addicted to play bag n tag, i love every coop mission in this game, i spend much money to get AX308 from warbox, or any legendary weapon and good character skins, and i think it's worth to buy. i enjoy it but this mobile version, it's a trash. i just installed this game, im so excited when i see mobile version , i played for a while, and WHAT THE ***! , its not even close to amateur shooting games for kid. it's terrible, so i uninstall this game immediately,
Saquib Ali
13 Views 12/28/2019
You bloody rascals,you are making fool of us?? I've wasted my 1 Gb data and installed the application but after opening it,it is saying that the new version is available, please click on GO button,and after following the same,I reached nowhere,again and again the same message is popping on the screen,all my time and data has been wasted,.I will not leave you,you bloody hell...And I have a message for all of the gamers,please never install this game or any updated version of this game,and also never install any game of this developer..these are cheaters,it doesn't deserve even one star, bloody cheaters.
6 Views 02/11/2022
I would like to suggest that we will change the characters in FPS games which is the traditional counter terrorist and terrorist which is so boring that was used in so many years. And other games they used so many uniform's. In real life there is only one official uniform in each side. This is to give a player an immediate distinction between enemy and friendly character.That's what we should also do in creating a game. And other games have also a lacking in their uniform's. Others don't have head gear and others didn't tuck in their combat shoes. You are not creating your games basing on real life...I would like to invite you all to see my Facebook page at Full Batte Gear and see the good ideas that I'm suggesting...thanks...
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