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Hardcore Gamer
340 Views 02/28/2022
It's an enjoyable game. There are a lot of activities and a good summon rate. The Gems are given away in a moderate amount. Due to the fact that it is fully automatic, it is ideal for casual use.uto. The graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay isn't too long. It's also quite nice and simple to get into. All I want is a way to revive or transfer equipment. Also, I wish there was as much dialogue in the higher stages as there was in the lower stages. After all, I like games with compelling plots.
Hardcore Gamer
13 Views 10/21/2019
simple yet addicting, the graphics is clean as hell, :D the HUD is pretty neat and clean and the visual is quite stunning. the gacha rate is not the best (I mean it's expected), the visuals is making the gameplay look really fun and that's the reason why I'm hooked at this game right after I saw the feature gameplay, but the characters designs is kinda underwhelming, it's almost the same as any gacha games out there and some character disign is kinda blond, but overall really excellent fun game! highly recommend it to everyone.
137 Views 01/14/2022
Is there ever gonna be a game where I don't need to look at half naked girls with XXL boobs which for some dumb reason I need to tap on their head,give 🎁 and date?! And wtf is a backyard spa?! is there a Thai massage with "happy ending" as well?! Sweet baby Yoda! enough with this BS! 🙄
4 Views 10/18/2019
good game, decent rate, no need to reroll much, just play and the SS will come to ya. 1 problem, can u make the energy refill quicker ?
6 Views 08/17/2021
i can't enter it plz tell me why, i am from asian parcifi i hope the producer can fixx this
The Time
0 Views 03/27/2021
This game really need new update! because it the game is kinda good... so plz don't drop this game plz update for it.and make it new with more mode and character imprint (enchanted to a more beautiful and stronger one)
4 Views 05/25/2022
I can't log in to Facebook, why can't I log in with Facebook when my main nick is logged in with Facebook 1*
0 Views 10/23/2019
this is the "must have SSR so you have to reroll" a.k.a reroll to play, first tutorial takes a long time I even fell asleep
Can't open the game
8 Views 11/15/2022
Does this game is still playable?
Oppai Sama
0 Views 11/27/2021
No new update or bug fix in a recent month, just a re use of the same event update every week, look like dev not working with it anymore
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