The Barbeque Life

The Barbeque Life Asia

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This is a collection of simulation + combine + collection games.

Casual play, easy and fun: the low-grade grilled grilled meat is gradually transformed into a high-quality barbecue with a full-bodied flavor, satisfying the appetite of the diners and earning money, and finally spread the barbecue to the most prosperous downtown!

The old man, the hundred flavor barbecue: a spicy and delicious string of shrimp, fat but not greasy meat skewers, fresh and crispy baked clams, unique roasted whole lamb, countless barbecue dishes waiting to be collected Production, there are always money to pick up the mites in the belly.

The city's feelings, life and life: 12 different characters with different characteristics come to the string, whether it is a high school student wearing a school uniform, a silent programmer, a lively and lovely second-year girl, have their own stories.

Night view of the city, touch the scene: From the cold alley to the bustling night market, you can visit the night scenes of 6 different places, and enjoy the style of the city. Does it make you feel familiar and unfamiliar?

The world is big, I want to see: try to run your own barbecue restaurant, earn money, expand your storefront, and move the barbecue restaurant to a better area to see how much scenery is in this vast world. Never noticed.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the skewers and walk on your own string!

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