Screenshot of Zombie Farm
Screenshot of Zombie Farm
Screenshot of Zombie Farm
Screenshot of Zombie Farm
Screenshot of Zombie Farm
Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm

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Developer 酷骇科技
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《Zombie Farm》 is a farm simulation game。

【Background Story】
The zombie crisis has caused humanity to retreat. Human beings have to retreat to survive in safe areas, but poor land cannot support a large population, and people are about to face a crisis of famine.
By chance, people found that some zombies had grown plants. After trying to catch them, the study found that the crops on the zombies were no different from ordinary crops, and even higher in nutrition! People seem to have found hope for survival, zombie farms came into being, and it has spawned a partnership between hunters and farms that hunt zombies.
After a long period of research, it was discovered that zombies were turned into plants because some zombies were hungry and thirsty. They accidentally ate plants and eventually caused their bodies to be planted. They even explained why zombies want to eat people because they are eager to change back to humans......

You are a new zombie farmer. From childhood, you love the pasture life and you are full of hope for the future: sweat, cultivate land, expand the scale, and of course harvest zombies!
Work hard, earn more money, and develop your own farm!

【Game features】
- ""leisure"" life in the pasture
- Unlock upgrades and expand pasture size
- More than 30 types of zombies are available for collection
- Culture zombie, getting higher yields

【Contact Us】
Official website:
QQ group: 719916324

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