Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
Screenshot of War of Empire Conquest
War of Empire Conquest

War of Empire Conquest

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War of Empire Conquest(Abbreviation:WOE) is a real-time strategy (RTS) mobile game. Like a RTS computer one, farmers are produced in the base and then the farmers collect resources to develop economy. Based on economic strength, players can forge a strong military force to defeat enemies. In order to satisfy players’ play on a mobile phone, a lot of optimizations have been made in the design.

This game is a real-time competitive one. One player creates a match game and other players join the match game to fight against each other (unlike the traditional mmo game, this game has its unique free match game system, with a max of 6 players in one match game). The match game can be PVP (for multiplayer in one team, they are allies and can not attack each other). All types of units and buildings can be manually controlled, granting players high degree of freedom. The game is divided into multiple halls according to players’ level, allowing players of similar levels matched to fight against each other.
Main Elements:
WOE simulates 18 powerful Empires (or civilizations) in the medieval ages (including China, Japan, Persia, Teutonic, Mongolian, Gothic, Maya, etc.) and put them together for war. A player in each match game is free to select an Empire to fight against other players. When a player select an Empire, they are king of this Empire. Under their domination, like Caesar, they forge a strong army and finally conquer other Empires.

Each Empire has 8 types of regular units and 1 type of unique unit. The regular units are the same in every Empire. While each Empire has its unique unit. There’s Cho-Ko-Nus in China, Riders in Mongolia, War Elephants in Persia, Conquistadors in Spain, etc.

Generally speaking, the unique units are more powerful than the regular units, but they can only be trained at the later stage. So players should focus on their rapid development at the early stage and then have the power to train them for having a military advantage.

The regular units include:
1. Swordsman: Available to train at the beginning of the game, a very common unit.
2. Pikeman: Low cost of resources, vulnerable to arrows but restraining the Cavalry. A common used unit
3. Archers: Vulnerable to the Cavalry, but restrain the Pikemen. A common used unit at the early stage
4. Light Cavalry: Fast movement, high mobility and special unit for harassing enemies.
5. Aries: Exclusively used in attacking buildings, moving slowly and have a resistance against shooting

Attack Buildings: Watch Tower, Turret, Castle and Base (all of them can be manually controlled to specify a target)
1. Watch Tower: Mainly used for attack. After having 5 farmers stationed in the Watch Tower, the Tower can shoot 6 arrows at a time, with attack power doubled.
2. Turret: mainly used to destroy buildings

In the game each Empire has its both advantages and disadvantages. Players can go to the game to see the detailed introduction of each Empire. Here is a brief introduction:
1. China: Players have one more farmer at the start of each match game, granting a faster economic development. Besides the Swordsman costs 20% less resources. The technology is relatively complete in China. Especially, its unique Cho-Ko-Nus shoot faster, about twice speed of the other ranged units. However, the attack power of the unique unit is slightly weaker, vulnerable to the Ranger (top cavalry), but the unique unit is more suitable for the elimination of low HP units.
2. Xiongnu: It’s no need to build a house, saving a lot of time. The Cavalry costs 20% less resources and the Cavalry can be upgraded to the Ranger. Because of its high mobility, it is very suitable for being placed at the middle position of 3V3 to cooperating with the other 2 players and harassing enemies.
3. Teutonic: The warrior is very powerful. Like the Spartan warrior in history, every warrior is worth ten. But they move slowly and have low mobility. However, the Ranger of Teutonic can make up for this shortcoming.
4. Persian: The unique unit is the War Elephant. The War Elephant has high HP, several times that of other units. Not easy to die but costing more resources to train, they move slowly and are suitable for positional warfare. They can be trained fast at the later stage.
5. Mongolia: Its unique Riders have great mobility, high attack power and fast attack speed, but they have low HP and are vulnerable. So players should keep controlling the unit manually. And tanks are required to work together with the unit for absorbing damage. Or players attack enemies from a distance, shooting enemies and then running. When players selecting the Empire, it’s more suitable for cooperation with their allies.

The core of the gameplay: After starting a match game, try to do the following things at the same time:
1. Develop Economy: Keep producing as more farmers as possible and collecting resources (Note: Bases, Watch Towers, etc. can be used as temporary shelters for the farmers. When an enemy comes to attack, the farmers should avoid the attack in time)
2. Harassing Enemies: In the beginning, players can train a small number of units to harass the enemy’s farmers, so that the enemy's economy can not develop rapidly. Players should try to have their own economy accumulate advantages.
3. Destroy Enemies: After accumulating certain economic advantages, players should upgrade their own technology to have faster development and stronger military force and then finally destroy their enemies at one stroke.
Especially, it’s necessary for players to cooperate with allies to form a legion for defeating enemy troops with a force inferior in number and to protect the allies’ units with low HP and high damage.

In addition, players should pay special attention to unit restraint and teamwork:
There is unit restraint gameplay in Mini Empire. That is to say a certain type unit has a natural resistance or advantage against the other type unit. Here are the general rules: The Ranged unit restraints the Infantry, the Cavalry restrains the Ranged unit and the Pikeman restrains the Cavalry. But the game is more complex and there are no simple rules for restraint. Players should learn each unit’s values. Here are some examples:

1. The Pikeman restrains the Cavalry
2. The Cavalry restraints the Archer
3. The Archer restraints the Pikeman
4. The Slave (ride a camel) restrains the Cavalry
5. The Koryo Carriage restraints all the other ranged units
6. The Musketeer restraints almost all the other types of infantry (except the Woad Raider)

Game Modes:
There’re two kinds of resources: Food and Gold. Food is obtained by farmers collecting fruit trees and Gold is obtained by farmers mining Gold Mines. Food plays an important role. Upgrade, production of farmers and training of units require food. While Gold is required for building constructions and training of advanced units. So reasonable production of Food and Gold is an important technology. As the game progresses, the base can be gradually upgraded from the dark ages to the feudal era, the castle era, and the emperor era (the purpose of the era upgrade is to unlock more technologies). After the era upgrade, more types of buildings and units will be unlocked.
The whole gameplay is more complicated and requires players’ serious study. To simplify, the game is divided into 4 modes (the most common ones are the common mode the emperor mode):
1. Common Mode: There are 3 farmers in the beginning of each match game. The resources are relatively small. It is necessary to give priority to development. At the early stage, players can dispatch a small number of troops to harass their enemies. This mode is complicated to play, but it’s the most interesting one.
2. Dark Mode: Like the common mode, the start of the match game is in the dark age. Players should keep upgrading and unlocking technologies. But the difference is that there are many resources at the beginning. It’s necessary to consider fighting and era upgrade not to develop economy.
3. Emperor Mode: Players enter the emperor era directly, with a lot of resources at the beginning of each match. Players can launch fierce battles directly. Of course, players must build military buildings first. Of course it’s strategical on where to build, which type to build and how many to build. This mode eliminates the cumbersome process of early development and is relatively easy to get started.
4. Easy Mode: This mode is played in the last hall. There’re no farmers in this mode. Players obtain resources by trade, hunting, etc., which saves most operations and makes it easier to get started.

Main Features:
This game has been run for 4 years in China. After dozens of upgrades, it is now the 1.8.n version. The main functions realized are:
1. Player VS CPU: It’s easy for players to practice game strategy and understand the game.
2. Network Play: This game has specially developed a networked battle platform (World server). There are several halls in the battle platform. Players can enter a certain hall to build a match game or join other players’ match game based on their own level, fighting against other players.
3. Spectators: Players can enter other players' match games to watch their battles in order to learn combat strategy and appreciate other player's strategies and tactics.
4. Replay: After a match is over, players can upload the replay of this match game and share it to other players. Players can also watch other players’ replays. The content of the replay is a collection of commands, not a video file, so the file is very small. The battle process can be completely restored.
5. Making Map: The game provides a map editor. Players can make their own maps and fight against other players. To fight against other players on this map, players need to upload the map to the server first, and then select this map when players create a match game.
6. Legion: Players can create their own legions or join other players’ legions, exchanging for combat strategies, team-up, earning rewards, earning their own glory and winning epic battles.
7. Friends: Players can add friends to communicate with each other and inviting their friends to fight together.
8. Chats: It’s available to chat before a battle, in a battle, between legions and friends as well as in the world channel.

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