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Grand Open
Publisher 腾讯
Developer 北京像素软件科技股份有限公司
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The game is not available in this country/region

"fantasy of shan hai ching" is a seamless open universe mobile game of Shan Hai Jing, where travelers will experience the boundless world of Eastern imagination and carry out immersive exploration with ultra-high degree of freedom.
[Pinch the shape of the pet, change the mount of the alien animal as you like]
Pets can be changed as big or small as you like, pinch out your exclusive pet!

【Fight against the Raptors, new species are waiting for you to conquer】
The mountain and sea raptor came to the world, and the battle of the ancients was about to start!

[Open world, seamless planet under the sky]
A seamless map of 9216 million feet allows you to swim in the outer sky!

[Mountain and sea creatures, free to capture and swallow evolution]
Hundreds of giant beasts are captured and swallowed, and the hunting team is gathering!

[Built anywhere, the palace and mansions just need to be in hand]
Choose any site and build freely, so you can experience the scenery of mountains and seas without leaving home

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