Lack of Rating


Shinobu Kocho
2 Views 2021/4/28
the game is really good, but please make the characters balanced.. look, i fought a player with 13000 power while i got 30000 power yet i still lose to endeavor.. look how imbalanced it is.. he's immuned for a really long time! yet he regens so much hp!? how could we beat him if he could regen so much and he deals much damage!? please notice this
Pò play game
0 Views 2021/1/13
I can't install why so I can see they play great on Youtube so I want to download but can't download
3 Views 2019/11/27
I can't even download the game. Guess I'll wait for OBT or release
Showmaker Tm
14 Views 2022/1/16
one of the worst game I have ever played in my life, like how do you even get the idea to make such a worst game. controls are bad animation is bad, gameplay bad and it's Ariana is the worst ever like fcuking remove this shit.
GoD MoNsTer
2 Views 2021/5/12
I have the game but its japanis for people who dont have the game its fun and interactive its like an rpg with rank matches,mini games,and is open world i highly reccomend finding a video getting the game
Căpățână Georgian
2 Views 2021/10/26
I've payed for elit permit operation x 34,99 USD now I unninstalled the game I still pay money for this why? How do I cancel it?
Madara Uchiha
1 View 2021/3/17
The song is very beautiful if this beautiful I loved it but some installed is the problem when installing this application good review I loved it or yes but I did not remember how to install it phone and my phone
Conejo Yt
2 Views 2020/12/13
I don't understand why, but I get out that I can't play in the first one you'll see, and after downloading it again I get it that I can already play someone to explain to me how I can play this game?
0 Views 2019/12/8
this game is gonna be my favorite if it will be released in english.. 😁
3 Views 2021/5/30
this game is good , from the graphic and the design . but for the gacha / roll system its to hard to get S rank ... for F2P i'm not recommend this game ... i already 60 times but didn't get any S rank
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