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Hardcore Gamer
11 Views 05/09/2020
this isn't going to be popular, but......can I review it in one word? LOL...ok ok, seriously....the game looks great, the graphics would make any coder proud. the music isn't grating, but not memorable either. Here's where it falls apart, the gameplay. first, the game is between 3-4 years too late. it would have rivaled any game in the market back then. today, its stale and dated. for example, I was in the game about 45 minutes, and I was level 92. yah, its one of those games where if you take a leak in the bushes, you'll gain 10 levels and purple gear. so much of it is based on FedEx quests, and meaningless kill quests that are complete before you even realize. my toon is an archer, and never once was it necessary to dodge the boss mechanics because there ARE none! this is a prime example of an internet shopping mall very thinly disguised as an MMO. POP UPS TO BUY STUFF ACTUALLY COME UP DURING BOSS FIGHTS AND WORLD BOSS FIGHTS. Come the fk on. can you be that intent.on selling your wares that you'd interfere with what we're all there to do in the first.place?! and that is, of course to PLAY THE DAMN GAME. its very difficult to do that when some dumbass clown in a gaudy suit keeps bringing up splash screens advertising bundles and packs while you're playing. the message is very clear--they're way more interested in selling you merch than they are in keeping the players entertained. its so intrusive that I just gave up and left the world boss fight. I realized that I was being gang PK'd by someone who had probably run their parents VISA into the dirt buying the best available gear. the loot distribution isn't fair, because its an open world battle and anyone can join and just start nuking away. the loot goes to the highest damage dealer so you have no chance for loot at all since nothing is instanced. then suddenly I was level 105, which triggered all kinds of pop ups demanding that I change the pet and avatar skins. look devs, why don't you just forget the game entirely and open up a kiosk on your web page advertising your gear, upgrade mats, skins and pets to be sold at outrageously high prices. unless you're a fan of games that require no skill whatsoever, this is one to avoid. I give 3 stars based solely on how good it looks.
Hardcore Gamer
12 Views 02/10/2022
It's a great game for folks who are busy and work a lot. The majority of the jobs are done by computer programs on their own. The game's graphics and overall concept are excellent, and you can choose whether you want to spend a lot of money or take part in the events and hunt down the bosses in the dungeons for the materials you'll need to upgrade your equipment. Overall, it was a lot of fun and exhilarating. Except for the fact that I had problems with the auto button. I'd like to grind a little more, but it's not possible because the game keeps going straight to the next objective.
demon Lord
0 Views 06/14/2021
I like this game because its graphic is awesome and sounds is perfect💯 I think that playing this game is little worth
0 Views 11/24/2019
a typical web browser mmorpg, or you can say idle mmorpg
Thanh Bin
0 Views 11/23/2019
it look so nice
0 Views 12/14/2020
Dumalag CYrus
0 Views 11/22/2019
plzzzz pa help nmn pa ano mag load d2 sa laro
0 Views 05/06/2020
все на 1 сервер
Đức Cao
1 View 05/25/2021
nice game
0 Views 01/16/2020
sana all
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