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L2 C2
5 Views 03/08/2023
Great game but need update. Dev need more staff member. Mobile game but update take a too much time. If Mount and Blade come too mobile Steel and flesh is going died game
Al Zaid Shaikh
3 Views 12/26/2022
Very realistic game
651 Views 11/04/2021
OMG, look what I find, Mount & Blade mobile version. I must give 5 stars even there are some annoying Ads in there. If you’re a beginner and never played Mount & Blade (Is there really any human who hasn't played Mount & Blade?) This is actually a simulation game with no special goal, But I suggest you can set eventually become king and rule the land as your goal. When you begin Steel and Flesh 2, you can set a difficulty meter. Very Low will give you the most starting currency with 25,000 gold. You can pick your origin location. When it comes time to allocate stats to your character, go all-in on leadership. It will allow you to recruit up to 23 squad members instead of five. In the middle ages, the quantity was important. Then, The map opens up, you can use the button on the left bar to adjust your perspective. Remember to recruit as many soldiers as you can. OK, now more guide now. Better enjoy the game by yourself.
Red Voltage
This game is very addictive if you learn how to play.
9 Views 12/11/2022
5 Views 04/18/2022
i hope creator have a new big update soon its seems like the creator of this is busy to make this game more realistic and compatible to our
11 Views 04/22/2022
I've been playing this since 2017 and i just love every hours, days, years just playing this... But here's the thing it's kinda boring and the solution is keep updating it and if its possible can you guys put Multiplayers just like another game put it "servers bye servers" and cuz you can play another players and another, thats all.
14 Views 12/23/2021
please more update i lover this game I played every years.need more updates and my phone log in if open internet or wifi,close and can play offline can't play shop pay
'Steel And Flesh 2: New Lands' review
15 Views 11/13/2022
hee,its the best mobile open world strategy game.this game looks like mount and blade warband so m
Kwintongany Kwiwj
2 Views 10/27/2022
here.it give me a lot about the old days and what i Ancaster has yo do of yy0u Hade any oin theat ti
5 Views 07/15/2022
add Greece troops,armor and weapon  for example like from the movie trojan
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