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jhaffs Pulalon
2 Views 2022/7/22
0 Views 2019/12/11
The game isn't playable after the new update. It says NO GOOGLE PLAYSTORE KEY FOUND.
M. Ozer
0 Views 2019/11/27
Game is too laggy and heavy they need to make lower fps its hard to play from smartphone.
1 View 2020/1/5
i cant play this game. comes with error message " NO GOOGLE PLAY STORE KEY no obb found and no store key to try to download. Please set one up in Android project Setting." but i download it here not in google play. i saw last time before download of the ver. 1.0.4 size 900mb+, i choose to dowload ver 1.0.6 size 56mb+. i chose that because it's latest ver. i cant find the older ver. of this. i want to play this game. can you help me.
Hakuna Banana
18 Views 2019/11/30
Pros : - Nice Graphic - Support high resolution on Purple Emulator - Large base of player - Classic mmorpg style - Unique class system Cons : - Pay to Win much - From start all about grinding quest with so little reward - Its so hard to get a new equipment even for basic craft
0 Views 2019/11/25
I'm confused with this version, can I be 17 or what because I don't know, because I don't want to regret downloading, please answer, if you already know
Eugene C.
7 Views 2020/9/26
You download the game for 1.7gb installation then the patch inside after opening update takes 4gb more. After a week you have to download the installer for 1.4gb again and after than inside the game you have to update and download the patch for 4gb again.. do you think its worth it? no matter how beautiful the game is, if the download manager sucks so bad, you:re just eating out our mobile data and wifi mb. such a waste of time don't you think?
1 View 2019/11/26
Disappointed, the model like P2W L2R can buy EQ in the market, I think like on a PC can make weapons and others Global Definitely Rare in Interest too P2W If Eliminating EQ in the Market Maybe OK Feels Like Not A True MMORPG If You Can Buy EQ In a Crummy Game Shop
Pandu RO
3 Views 2019/11/25
what is different of 12 or 19 aged above? i'v installed the 12 ver one. Im 30 btw
0 Views 2019/11/28
hello Developer can I know when this game will Come in English version ... or if I play in Korea version and English version reaslesd can I Overwrite my data (exp.quest, level)
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