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Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland
Screenshot of Grayland


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Invasion or accident? Are they friendly or hostile? Find it out and find your way through the unique world of Grayland.

Grayland is a noir story of seeking your loved one captured by Humans. You, as a little bird find yourself in the middle of the war between the Human and the Alien forces. Fly and fight your way through the radiation filled lands, fly inside the mines and buildings and beat the bosses.

Will a small bird be able to solve what big leaders can not? Unlock the full game and unfold the whole story.

During the levels you face different enemies and continuously discover the puzzles of the story. Never give up, show them that even if you're a tiny being, your actions are important, you can even be the one who saves the World.

- unique gameplay
- various boss fights
- heart catching story
- beautiful atmosphere and art style
- challenging levels
- pick your color to play with

2019 Google Indie Game Showcase Finalist

A one-time purchase unlocks the whole premium game.

Do you have any issues, questions or suggestions for improvement? Please send us your ideas and feedback!

Reach us on Discord: 网页链接

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792 Views 06/23/2024
SonuTrans Gamer
Help Bird Family.
62 Views 04/24/2024
762 Views 06/25/2023
Alright game, gameplay is super boring after 4-5 levels, the story doesn't make sense. A bird is captured and aliens fighting with humans, then alien helps the bird to rescue another bird and then bird helps aliens to launch the starship. This is bs makes no sense. It would be a good story if it's all about birds and humans. Overall I give this game a strong five to a light six
Charles Lai
Top 10 2d Games of the Week on TapTap | Week4 2024
1K Views 08/13/2023
Hey, gamers! It’s Sunday, 2024/01/28. We’re back with a highly-anticipated video where we’re going to rank the ultimate top 10 2d games of Week4 on TapTap. We’ve scoured through the best games of the week and compiled our list to give you a guide to the most amazing games you should definitely play. Kicking off at number 10, we have Grayland, a 2d game that offers an incredible Gameplay experience that you just can't miss.
768 Views 05/20/2023
The first half of the game had me hooked I was interested in the story. But after the first half, the game started to get less interesting and more tedious with how annoying the movement was So at the end i was glad that the game was over so I didn't have to play instead of feeling good that the story had a satisfying outcome. Overall, i wouldn't recommend this game unless you're bored
Ciara Curvey🍯🐝
Was pretty underwhelming!
1.5K Views 01/05/2023
I thought for sure from the advertising, and marketing they did on this game that it would be a lot more engaging. However, it was more of just a pretty game, than it was fully enjoyable. Nothing that really grabs your attention to play off the bat. There are achievements, which we all love but that's about it, other than the artist style of the game, which was actually quite nice! I won't likely play again, but if you into 'flappy bird' type games, it could be fun for you. Not my cup ☕ 💔
dazeFX unique omnimedia -dFX
the ART of game
497 Views 11/29/2022
-GRAYLAND caught me within a split second and I felt mesmerized and curious at the same time. This title shows that mobile games are a good place for art and innovation. I LOVE IT! (*only 4 out of 5 stars because the controls could be smoother and the bird animations could/should be more complex)
Chaotic Inc.
Chaotic Inc.
TapTap Creator
Grayland: Visual Storytelling IS Key in games
9.3K Views 08/28/2022
I think this game deserves five stars
773 Views 09/02/2022
Bluebird fly. Into the light of the dark black night
1.2K Views 08/31/2022
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