Screenshot of Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive
Screenshot of Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive
Screenshot of Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive
Screenshot of Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive
Screenshot of Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive
Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive

Raft Survival simulator: craft & survive

Provider Dalvida Developers
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You wake up and discover yourself on the awesome island, with just the endless blue sea around you? What will you have to do for your survival? Will you panic or stay calm? How long you, the ocean nomad, will continue your exploration, before being saved? With our new super realistic island survival simulator games for raft you will try to find the way out, upgrade for staying alive on the ocean islands, when all the others will definitely die! Be sure, you will face the numerous dangers of the survival quest games and will be close to death! You must be brave and clever to explore ocean, you must be ready to craft an armor and evolve in the raft building app! How long will you remain in service? Try yourself in the survival game ocean, fight for your life in the apocalypse world and enjoy the victory! The app is not a raft trademark usa, it is a completely other raft game!

Try to stay alive, being on the boat in the middle of nowhere: in the ocean or on the uninhabited island. Horrible enemies and interesting challenges, crafting weapon, fishing, hunting and other skills await you in this incredibly addictive ocean quest. To survive, you will need:

Look lots useful resources

You can explore the territory around, evolve and upgrade for living: try to find some fruits in the forests of the island or try to catch some fish in the sea from the raft. Be careful: the shark in survival games is even more hungry than you are, so the adventure may over very tragically!

Craft the armor for the raft travelling

To upgrade yourself for the shark games you need to create a good weapon. Use your inventiveness and to build upgrade your skills. You cannot stay alive if you can not protect yourself from the shark! Just remember, all the necessary tools and upgrades for the raft are available, you need only to find them!

Explore the map to find way out

A huge unexplored world is full of dangers and miracles both. What awaits you around the bend in the raft game? Will you face one more shark while explore ocean on the boat, will you get close for survival sea or to the death?

You have two independent modes for the island survival simulator games:

Install the awesome raft building app, and enjoy the adventures in the open sea. Fight with the shark, find unique resource and stay alive as a real ocean nomad. The island survival games ocean you can download just by tapping the install button!
Join the app as an island survivor, look lots useful resources and face the fears of the apocalypse world, being alone and hoping only for yourself. Is this raft adventure for you or do you prefer to surrender and not fight for life?

For survival sea games is important an atmosphere of mystery adventure. Pay your attention to:

Unique music and sound effects in the shark games;
Thoughtful plot and character development opportunities;
Modern graphics and friendly interface for survival sea game;
A huge number of artifacts and resource data to craft and collcet;
Fully regulated gameplay with the effect of immersion into raft survival games.

Do you want to survive on the ocean islands? Are you able to cope with any, even the most unforeseen situation? Can you bear away the shark games and stay alive and safe? Figure it out, download the game, and test yourself. Don’t worry if you screw up for the first time, give yourself the other try!

Can you survive, resist the thirst, hunger and fear that also wish your death? Download the new release ocean survival app, or the upgrades for raft, if you already have the app. Pay your attention, this is not the release for the raft trademark usa!

Join the island survival simulator games and enjoy the exploration! Compete with your friends and check it out, who will be best of the best! Build upgrade and become a survivor and show everybody that you can do it!

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