6 Views 2022/8/14
not can play,because stuck in 99%
Jacob Gonzalez
5 Views 2022/7/15
17 Views 2019/12/3
Having only seen the live action version of this anime, I can honestly say that the game appears to follow that version of the story pretty well. Since many of the native live action films are fairly accurate summaries of the full show, I can only assume it also follows that well. I was not entirely impressed with how generic battles appear to play out. The tutorial teaches you a strategy that can then be used for quite a few battles after that. I am hoping this changes as I progress through the game.
Video Star
14 Views 2020/1/11
For fans of the series, you should have fun with this game. People who are not fans or familiar with the show. It doesn't offer anything new to the scene we haven't already seen.​ Even with that said it has enough charm and character for you to have fun in. The full review is below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD3OrA8EHpM
0 Views 2022/9/21
19 Views 2019/12/5
I can only give a first impression: The game is decent. Graphics are nice, sound design is just passable, and it appears to follow the anime quite well. Now, why do I only give a first impression instead of a full review like usual? I soft locked the game. Imo this is a very stupid oversight on the Devs part. I was supposed to use Mob's ignore defend skill, but before entering the battle I switched that skill to slot 2 instead of slot 3 and just for that I can no longer continue because the game can't detect the skill in slot 3.
Anime Fanz Tube 2021
22 Views 2021/8/23
I haven't even played yet cause the loading screen stops at 99 sometimes I try reset ING my phone but it continues pls help if you know wat to do
Yes sir
4 Views 2022/6/20
13 Views 2021/11/6
it's stopped at the loading screen" check your internet status" 🙄🤨
Julius Pai do c
5 Views 2020/2/4
it is simply the name selection screen, you can choose any name that says it already exists, even random letters, then it is difficult, right?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?