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47 Views 2022/7/12
You shutted down but i still remember everything, i know i have a lover its a girl and i wasted money on it i deleted it because i thought the timer need to be payed in real life, now that its been a year i really miss this game so much now, i wonder if they're doing something to the game thats why it shutted :( or its just really shutted down and not coming back anymore..
7 Views 2021/8/24
why i can't load this game? im using android 10, and using wifi when open the game. my internet speed is 67-100Mb, but when try loading the game it keeps pop out same error bout cannot connect to internet.. no matter i tried with mobile data or wifi the same error appear after loading 34%.
4 Views 2019/12/20
It's a good game. I think this is what Super Dancer Online was supposed to be in the first place, but for PC. This phone version is much more refined. It's a bit sad that they only released it to the Asias, but I can still play it thanks to Tap letting us Americans download it. When it comes to the internet, there are no borders, period. We all exist in the same cyberspace, so region locking is a pointless barrier that needs to die..
42 Views 2022/1/29
Sorry to tell you people that This Game has been Down since last year, and I'm not kidding, this had so much potential and they just suddenly shut the system down. it was a lovely gameplay while it lasted
4 Views 2020/1/14
i like it specially dance moves on Japanese songs is better Any way i was having fun in multiplayer then i got dc and when i was playing with my family 🤣i kept getting kicked out damn my net is fine m sure its a bugfrom their end i hope it gets fixed soon
2 Views 2020/5/8
I just downloaded the game for the first time and cannot play because it hasn't been updated in 4 months. I am very disappointed - it seems that many people have been asking for an update since January and there has been no response. If anyone knows another way to play the updated version please let me know. I would really like to play this game.
Jessica Armanno
0 Views 2020/1/17
I love this game but please put the new version 1.02.
Heba K Dawagreh
0 Views 2020/4/11
this game so perfect buttt why need update plz tap tap update this game sooner 😭💔
3 Views 2022/3/27
this is the best dance game i ever play, but why server is closed :(
1 View 2021/10/15
i cant log in it keeps saying check your connection even its steady😬
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