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dede romdoni
7 Views 01/06/2023
I play global version but Taiwan is so good
QU Vera rosen
0 Views 01/19/2023
Van Pham
Global Content
4 Views 12/29/2022
47 Views 04/11/2021
[important] Please add english language in the settings [Nota] This review is biaised for two reasons : - I don't understand everything because I don't speak chinese (Screen translator) - I have not experienced all content (lvl80 so far) [Main review] PGR is a ARPG gacha game with Bayonetta like mechanics (QTE, Slow-motion, color orbs). Coming from around 800h of HI3, I can tell that the combat mechanics are less difficult. You have to manage orbs but you don't use rotation since QTE don't switch characters.
Leaf Toaster
24 Views 04/09/2020
Is Taiwan Server already Closed?? Or is just my phone not compitable for the game?? Or The Taiwan Version was simply not come out yet?? Because i can't install it says Unavaible.. Im sorry im not following the info since it says in language that i don't quite understand.. But still im eager to try this game since i like HI3 and would like to change a pace with another similar game... Tough there is Chinese version but i can't login or Sign-Up since its the damn QQ/WeChat and i can't use my phone number either for Sign-Up for whatever reason..
9 Views 06/16/2021
I can't no longer play after the 1.50 I downloaded the game again but it keep popping me the same message..
Rank Zero
17 Views 03/31/2021
Good Solid Game The reason I rate it 2.5* not 3* because it's simple. -01 : ITS NOT GLOBAL ( ENGLISH ) -02 : RATE UP (THE GAME SHOW 70% RATE UP ON S RANK BUT YOU WILL GET YOUR 70% RATE UP ON 60 PULL).Wish the Game will stop doing the Fake 70% rate up. -03 : Beginners first S Rank.Yup any Beginners can obtain free Selection rank Via using the GR777 code but only 5 choice in it.Also Beginners 1st S rank on pull is kind of wasting. You'll get Guarantee idk Random/Selection? S Rank on 40th pull.Its kind of Wasting since Beginners prefer to save resources not to waste resources for 40 pull random S rank.
Inuyasha Sama
5 Views 08/27/2020
it's amazing game the best game ever and still the best but there's something missing the TW version has been released now it's tern for global version to working on it with JP version too all player's now are waiting for JP and specially global version you must working on them please and thank you PGR developer's ....notice (if the global version will release in future too ,The game will get more popularity)
17 Views 08/09/2021
why cant I play this version anymore? it keeps telling me about an update but no matter how many times I uninstall and install the game it keeps saying that
1 View 08/30/2020
Uh after playing this tw version, really ... I really want the developers to consider making another offline version of this game !!! not only does it still support my 32bit devices with mid-range graphics. I really don't mind the bigger size, whatever it's 4gb or 12gb more !!! how to persuade the developers to consider it ??? make it full offline premium. if the IAP is for the next / extra story DLC, new costumes or weapons (for example) are fine.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?