Screenshot of Crime Kings: mafia city
Screenshot of Crime Kings: mafia city
Screenshot of Crime Kings: mafia city
Screenshot of Crime Kings: mafia city
Screenshot of Crime Kings: mafia city
Screenshot of Crime Kings: mafia city
Crime Kings: mafia city

Crime Kings: mafia city

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Fight to become the boss of the underworld in your city. Gather the strongest and most dangerous heroes from 6 different factions!
Destroy the old mafia to create your own order and law in the city.
Fight other players for power, resources and status. Show everyone who is the most dangerous and serious criminal boss.
Huge power, wealth and the best girls are almost in your hands – just take a step!

# Game Features #
【Collect gangsters from 6 Factions】
Discover and collect Gangsters from 6 Factions with unique Skills, weapons and background history in real world while, enjoy the different Gang culture of different countries and region like Mafia, Yakuza, Narcos, etc.
【Build your base and seize power in your city】
Expand your base and control the city to unlock more functions and events, make your family be the most powerful and unique faction and cartel all over the world!
【Relax to gain endless wealth and girls】
Your heroes will fight and accumulate wealth for you while you study and work, more territory you conquered, more resource will you get when back to phone, the heroes will be stronger with powerful new skills and ready for challenging.
Without grinding, you are still the Crime King
【Simulate Crime events as real】
Hero wars always happen, sign the contract to hire gangsters and killers, dispatch to complete mission in Bar, Street, or port as you like, fire in bloody street and control the arm trading. Amounts of crimes are waiting for you, the unique Crime King!
Build your unique crime empire.
【Sexy secretaries with different style】
The secretaries have different education, major, figure, interests and fashion, which will give abundant capacities to expand the family, you can play games, date and flirt with them every day.
To be a dirty Boss or not to be, it is a question for you!
【Compete with players nearby and around the world】
“Geniuses are always branded as crazy.”— Pablo Escobar in Narcos
Create your alliances with other players you encounter and face a host of dangerous opponents! Build a sturdy team of heroes and fight to be the unique Crime King of kings

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