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216 Views 03/10/2022
it's a super cute time wasting game, with lots of characters to build and collect; simple battle mechanics for a system that's built to be idle. The biggest/only real problem is that right now, I am CONSTANTLY getting disconnected from the server. I've got to restart the game probably twice to three times an hour if I've got it open. EDIT: The game has since switched to not being available in my country. :(
great game but needs more improvements like sever always disconnecting i suggest to improve the U.I. especially the buttons sometimes button stucks at screen and needed to restart the game to refresh the screen. im looking forward to new updates for us to play it more. i would recommend this game after the update.😁😁 please have time to improve this game!!!🖤🖤😁
21 Views 03/17/2022
Angela Mienaiheiwa
5 Views 03/19/2022
the game is wonderful in almost every aspect, the characters are amazing the evolution system is fair, the game always has something new. only it has a very annoying problem, the game always needs loading and crashes, in addition to having a global version, but it's so locked up that you can't play
8 Views 03/23/2022
I kinda got bored at the start The start of the game is boring but as you progress the characters change and the game become more action. If you want the girls in the trailer, you may have to play a lot just to get those characters.
Banana Nguyen
Hey hey what's up??? Not available in my country?? Purchase??? 🤬🤬🤬
15 Views 03/12/2022
Nuke Destro
just updated the game and now can't play 😐
7 Views 03/24/2022
Quốc toàn
How do I get into the game?
6 Views 03/24/2022
2Thom Cat7
i can't
21 Views 07/08/2022
1 View 08/07/2021
i can't update the game
1 View 11/29/2021
i can't up game
That's everything for now. Start a new game?