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I wanna to play cocoppa dolls for so looooong 😣😣😭😭 and I'm so exceited to played it  😃😃😁😁😊😊 bcs I saw on YouTube when someone played that game. So, I download cocoppa dolls and it so KAWAII 😍😍😍
33 Views 09/01/2022
47 Views 01/19/2021
I wish they didn't just suddenly decide to shut down, with how big United is they could have at least done us the courtesy of leaving the server open, just without further updates OR at least gotten rid of the insane requirements to finish the last few planets...Played from day 1 and still didn't get to the very final stuff before it closed (probably because I never recharged, but I'd be livid if I did just for the game to close without any reason or explanation). At least World Traveler is still open to play - China's got a leg up on you, United JP...ouch.
Ethical Vegan't
20 Views 06/15/2021
Don't play this. The game closed down. If you download it, it can't even connect you to the server. Tap Tap needs to remove it from the store.
Minh ánh Lê thị
1 View 11/16/2022
14 Views 01/21/2020
會讓人少女心爆棚的換裝遊戲。 暖暖系列是一個,第二個可能就是這款Coppa doll了,遊戲是日本製作,內建中文非常貼心。 可以讓玩家按照喜好搭配出自己喜歡的衣服穿著,畫風非常少女,我一個猛男直接落淚。 其實可以當作養女兒遊戲來玩,猛男想知道有什麼特別的穿著搭配……
9 Views 02/17/2021
이거 들어와 보니까 이게 있더라고요 그래서 다운받고 이름도만들고 했는데 창에 이상한말이 뜨고 안들어가 져요 아무래도 렉인거같아요 좀 고쳐줬스면 합니다 일단 별 1개 들이겠습니다...
Aki Ys
6 Views 05/30/2020
刚正儿八经的玩了一星期 就要关服了🤣🤣 不管怎样还是谢谢它陪伴我度过退坑狗叠的日子。
4 Views 07/26/2021
not working it keeps crashing :(
This game is still closed and it was with virus Is never available in any devices
1 View 05/20/2022
I don't like the way it lies that is no virus
3 Views 05/20/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?