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why do I get this? dowland failed because You may not have purchased this app. Help.
5 Views 10/29/2022
ezequiel fls
'Zula Mobile: 3D Online FPS' review
12 Views 10/23/2022
2 Time Night
that recoil & event such a bullshit when aiming but not hit the target i hate pay to win game with too few reward the grenade deals too much area damage. The graphic is good not the sound do you have plan to make asian server? I love winter.
798 Views 08/09/2022
106 Views 01/23/2022
Please, release this game delight to the world soon and don't make that stupidity of making a version for a certain country like you did with the pc version, thankfully that's not the case today and that it's valid for the mobile version and let that for countries that are more restricted to games like India and China
12 Views 02/02/2020
It's a good game, smooth gameplay and pretty graphics. A lot of weapon options, characters, skins and attachments but would also like to have armor options as well. maybe have sniper mode. I can tell there are a lot of hackers in the game but it's still fun. I'm sure it will get resolved. Great job so far. Looking forward to future updates
silent warrior'
21 Views 05/08/2020
I have never seen a trivial game in my life like this game when I entered to play I immediately got out and removed them from the phone. Because the game itself is not worth anything terrifying graphics as if you are playing a damn horror game on this game . do not try this 💩 the graphics horrible
4 Views 05/29/2020
I'm from iran.this game has Iranian version for pc and this is copy by Turkish .
Jonathan Reyes
0 Views 02/19/2020
says to update when launched but nothing happens when I click update.
Nahid Shahriar
7 Views 03/19/2021
please help me devs i have downloaded the game but ist shows that need a update but how to update it i cants find its complex pls help me😭😭😭
3 Views 03/28/2022
the game could be soo good but if you shoot your aim moves on the shooting buttons nno matter which you use i dont understand that why are there two with the same function and the movement is clunky fix those issues
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