Screenshot of Tera Hero
Screenshot of Tera Hero
Screenshot of Tera Hero
Screenshot of Tera Hero
Screenshot of Tera Hero
Screenshot of Tera Hero
Screenshot of Tera Hero
Tera Hero

Tera Hero KR

Provider Red Sahara Studio Inc.
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[Game Introduction]

■ 3 player party play

Enjoy three-character team play, where the fun of strategic composition and control doubles! Feel the joy of combat, from console-quality to mobile-optimized controls.

■ various characters and your own expedition

The various characters of Terra Heroes are all available through gameplay, and you can collect these characters to build and grow your expedition and experience the fun of authentic RPGs provided by Terra Heroes. Understanding the connection system between the characters double the fun of building your own expedition!

■ various challenging contents

Gilean has a variety of fun elements and days of the week dungeons, including PvP's end-of-the-game content 'The Battleground for War', 'Golden Golem's Treasure Warehouse', and 'Railway Retreat' to hide the hero who has built the most powerful expedition. Rich contents of Tera Heroes that are composed of breathlessly up to 'Forest of

■ exhilarating control-feeling [Boss Raid]

The strategic battle that is different from the boss raids experienced through RPGs awaits. A massive raid with up to 6 users playing 12 characters together. The ultimate boss raid can't be challenged without strategy

In addition to the world boss content [black crack] and RPG [exchange] can feel a variety of fun and taste of growth!

Enjoy the thrilling fun of RPG with stunning graphics, rich content, and three-party play beyond the original Unreal Engine.

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