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151 Views 10/30/2021
oh boy dont ask for release date or increase servers sizes or the dev stans are gonna mald over you. 1+ years with nothing and were wrong for demanding a fucking date. this games dev is a lazy dick. ignore this game it better for you mental health. If you want a good game with good and supportive devs search: WIA
6 Views 05/10/2020
I can't login to the game how please tell me
Reza gh
2 Views 10/08/2020
this game is very good but have something bog for shot when we enable secondary fire button the secondary fire button should hip fire (no aim) like call of duty mobile
Лолов Алистар Минотаврович
8 Views 12/31/2020
What a talent it takes to make you hate a game you haven't even played. For about a year, the betatest is full and the game can not go into open beta in any way. I tried using tap tap, but, surprise, neither through Google Play, nor through Facebook, nor through in-game registration is not included and gives an error. I wish that the game failed on all fronts, got already. I hate this game already
9 Views 08/18/2021
ERROR:Player limit exceeded and still it shows option to installWhat is this? Dnt make us fool just to get the downloads
0 Views 04/12/2021
I know strike team online its a cqb game but i am wait in feb to coom strike team online in ios cause of the leaks say the ios or apple is testing the game before it lunch the game. but know its almost lunch i am exited of playing a cqb game cause of area f2 is shut down in ios and android.
1 View 05/30/2021
cant login in game and banned me on discord ?! what? i just leave discord server want to join back stupid nooob shit dev go fix your game
Satrio Bagas Wicaksono
1 View 09/10/2022
oh come on, the game is good, how come it hasn't been released yet 
5 Views 10/15/2020
Not bad,just common. If u wanna find an exciting shooting game,Strike Team Online will not be a hard choice.The feeling of shooting and hiding is really cool. However,there's nothing more beside that.The replied map and weapon will easily exhaust your patiance.It's just another fast-food game.
2 Views 02/16/2021
developer pls release the full version of the game, we r waiting for this game
That's everything for now. Start a new game?