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24 Views 02/04/2020
Now it is the classic Tetris gameplay + 100 BR, but since Ive played Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch, as part of 1vs99, I give my suggest to the game that it can learn similar ways like sending Grey Blocks to other players, holding block you want, T-spin, etc. Love such idea combining Tetris with BR, hope update with more features during the battle.
5 Views 02/12/2020
It's Battle Royale... but Tetris! XD * The main menu is simple and kinda unique, but not my cup. The video makes it crowded. * The pattern is pretty neat! I love it! * The control... err, maybe it's better if the joypad option added. If it's still like this, some people might need extra time to master the touch control.
12 Views 01/12/2022
I can't open the game, it says need internet connection but my wifi is open
10 Views 02/11/2022
just downloaded it and I can't open it.. it says that don't have internet connection even tho I have since I downloaded it right? what's wrong with your app 😡
8 Views 05/08/2022
Everything about the gameplay is good but there are just WAYYYYYYYYYY TOO MANY DAMN ADS EVERYTHING YOU CLICK OR TAP WILL RESULT IN WATCHING A 30'S AD
tú đẹp trai
40 Views 02/03/2020
Fortnite is for kids Chads play Tetris Royale.
Hardcore Gamer
1 View 02/09/2020
finally, tetris battle royale on mobile like it should be, took too long. pet peeves? who the hell is this miller guy?
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 02/06/2020
-tetris 99 android version -controls are bad, using on screen button will make things better, i hope dev will add it soon
0 Views 03/27/2020
Keep prompting for update… where is the updates? and how can I play the game : /
2 Views 12/01/2021
saying connection error even though i got good wifi lol?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?