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3.2K Views 10/13/2022
Od -I
2 Views 10/24/2022
not yet.. still need improvement..
Hardcore Gamer
130 Views 03/10/2020
Because after I read almost all the reviews are nothing, so I tried installing this game. . What makes it bad? - The graphics are still rigid. - The effects of each character are less than perfectly shown. - The connection is unstable (even though I'm in the same region as this game). - There is no a surrender button? I tried this during a match with the bot, so when this happened I had to close the game and then open it again.
Ji Hoon
4 Views 08/22/2022
this game is no Lord,no turtle,good
13 Views 03/06/2020
What makes this one special (in a good way) than the other MOBA game? So far i found none. There's a lot better similar game out there. Please try to be more creative & innovative, or we just wasting each other time.
Dsw Yin Myint
4 Views 08/22/2022
nice game
3 Views 03/07/2020
I love moba games but this one is full of bugs. takes a really long time to find a match. when you first load them game it tells u it failed then let's u on the game. please developers fix this game i wanna stream it and show my Followers what a great game this is!!
23 Views 12/01/2021
For those of you who like this moba genre but through the tap tap application, but it seems from this server the update is slow, so for suggestions you can follow the Lokapala official discord LOKAPALA:SAGA OF THE SIX REALMS To be able to talk directly with the makers and developers and provide suggestions and input to the makers regarding the shortcomings of the game. the link is below https://discord.gg/K6wJggYJ
Escorta Gaming
5 Views 03/06/2020
when i thought Legend Of Ace was the ugliest graphics for MOBA game, this one beat the record
Kelvin Ang Ken
6 Views 03/13/2020
Stutter stepping is not possible, leading to a really awkward experience controlling your character. Animations take too long to complete or cancel so taking regular tower shots or walking into skill shots is very common. Interesting concepts for new map mechanics but overall a very poor decision to even release the current build in this state
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