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Hardcore Gamer
4 Views 05/22/2020
#Rooms:The Toymaker's mansion# Really difficult...Spacially difficult...Unusually difficult... It is a type of puzzle that move room part to different sites to let the girl can walk out.Telephones,cupboards,bomb-clown...is uncover on the process,these are not only help the girl escaping but also deepen the enjoyment of gameplay.Due to different things using in the game,it becoming more and more challenging.Light is as tips and tutorial in the game and the gear is recored your turns.You can get a hint when the piece from gear is descrase to 1,but I can't solve the puzzle through have hint from light and gear currently...I get stuck on 14th level on the advanturous house...I know the way of solving but I cannot work it out,it is a pity...By the way,I knew a truth that these levels was spent two years to desgin from the developer,I feel amazing and my ability of solving puzzle is so weak...Such a prefect work.
1 View 06/07/2020
I love everything of this game.This game makes me use my brain hard. Which results in widespread use of ideas.That is a good result that will lead to IQ development.Oh god I love ROOMS💕🔎💡
Reflix TV GaminG
2 Views 09/18/2021
It's good not that bad for a Puzzle Game... the gameplay is a bit clumsy need work, Make it more clearer!
Timid Minam
2 Views 05/24/2020
hmmmmmm???? its a totally same as bounceball but mood just basic platfomer puzzle game i dont know why its a so high score i know its a 11$ for full game people are crazy?? or they are super rich? hmmmmm...???
3 Views 06/18/2021
there is a TapTap exclusive tag but it's not, google play has it too (the game is amazing tho)
Dro Dasal
0 Views 05/23/2020
the game is good, its a time killer but my problem is the puzzle frame is it just too small..
Good Game
0 Views 04/29/2021
I am unable to download ROOM
0 Views 04/24/2020
Looks great and have a lot of levels
0 Views 05/23/2020
nice but not dawonlord the game
1 View 06/05/2020
I love this game. Im not into puzzle gaming but this one caught my attention. Love it ❤
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