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324 Views 01/30/2023
Great game nc graphics and pvp though its pay to win I enjoyed the hell out of it
186 Views 12/17/2022
This is the best MMORPG I have played so far. Great Gameplay, PvPs are awesome specially during faction war. Some maps are fun to explore and I really like how players can fly. It was really fun when this came out,  I got to met different people and had some good memories. Played almost a year then quit cause my friends almost all quitted because server were unbalanced and had bad luck lol (equipments got destroyed mostly). If I could change something in this game. It would probably how enhancing equipments work. Destroying the equipment is too much as to why people quit mostly. Giving better benefits to weaker factions. so other players from stronger faction might change side to balance a server. Have secret treasures in maps. One the best moments I had in here was exploring secret places.  And lastly, If netmarble decided to release BNSR II global. I hope they incorporate nft so many would want to try the game.
0 Views 11/29/2022
Admiral Kin
Admiral Kin
Hardcore Gamer
61 Views 05/16/2020
➡️Blade and Soul ⬅️ Same experience or not... Netmarble BS it has a large history, talking from the point of pc that is a beautiful masterpiece and offers a total new experience in the area of the MMORPG, well also this blade and soul of small devices it is not far away from that part either , but it is not ported so we knew that from the start . This might just be the title that will raise the bar on all Android games when it hits the Western markets. We’re talking “jaw-dropping, epic-feeling, so addictive people are playing it non-stop”-good. Something in the lines of the Opening of the Gates of Aahn’Qiraj, if you know what I mean .
639 Views 01/08/2022
it's a great game, a terrible company. I'm bias, but let me explain why. I've made accounts over and over again on the international version and the west version, somehow, they don't exist. I've spent a good amount of money on Blade & Soul on the mobile and PC version. This company just wants money. They don't care about quality, unless it's beautiful waifus or hand to hand kung fu combat kings.
TapTap Creator
23 Views 05/15/2020
The game runs pretty good and menu speed is great. Remember this is a mobile game so you will get auto play. The story is intacted and so is the combat. So it will be fun to go through everything again. The game also seems to give a lot for free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCB3Yzwimes
76 Views 05/12/2021
Even with Autoplay this is the best active skill mmorpg period I don't understand the low rating here I have played everyone of the copy paste games. Turn off Auto play and can actually combo weave spells/moves. It's just good period. The only might come close Gameplay wise is Moonlight blade which I guess is never Getting English I'd be happy with subtitles! Dragon Raja does pretty good job but not as in depth in either games. I can't stand games where your stuck to the floor with no mobility especially as a gunner caster, your supposed to keep distance but you have to stand till to Cast shoot wtf. Blade And Soul is damn good don't believe these ratings and playthough till atleast level 25 and you will see what I mean. And turn off the Auto play!!! My only complaint with all these games I mentioned here is enemy not aggressive until you engage. That lame and Emerson breaking but hey these are mobile games come on. Big fan of Black desert but besides being pretty it sucks to play on mobile. Unless you just like to have a game so it can play itself. enough rambling, try the game it's worth it before there are no more good mobile games.... I was late to two That recently shut down servers, Hope this ones around awhile!
Riing Mibu
8 Views 05/14/2020
Thanks, at last can play this game, this game ia good but not that great, the good part is you don't have to worry leveling up, because is very easy leveling up, just follow the main quest and sub quest also defeat field boss also field boss spawn is not to long which ia great actually, for the feature is many choice in "blacksmith" can very easy to add some status to weapon and accesories, i haven't tried dungeon and other stuff because i'm still leveling, the downside is the graphic not to great but just good enough to see and many icon on menu, that part that makes me very confusing at first also now XD i'm not used to see many icon in menu, but overall this game is good for play, for investing maybe this game can add great dungeon or other feature, so player can be enjoy investing :)
17 Views 05/15/2020
Like any other MMO on mobile, this game has auto questing which in my opinion a very boring feature. The character design is mediocre. The graphics is okay at best. But i say that the animation of this game is quite good. The UI is very clunky. There's so much in the screen that you cannot even appreciate the view of your surroundings. Customization of characters is unoriginal. It has same aspects as any other asian mmos.
Eugene C.
11 Views 05/15/2020
Great game beautiful story and graphics. it give you option to speak back with what you could say like skyrim. but the character and everything there is too much bloom. please remove the bloom. it makes characters look shit like glowing potatoes
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