Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Screenshot of Death Palette
Death Palette

Death Palette

Provider SleepingMuseum
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This game traps you in a gloomy studio for seven days, where you must contend with a cursed painting of a girl and use your wits to survive. Rely on notes from past victims and you may just manage to successfully paint her portrait. But be careful not to upset her, or you'll quickly find yourself dead! A palette of deaths await you. Will you be the one to finally finish her?

Japanese title is Matsuro Palette.

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purple cat
4 Views 02/18/2024
i Want more games like this,its incredibly fun and enjoyable
5 Views 02/10/2024
The story is well build. The paintings in game are really good. She is terrifying. Died 43 times to complete all days (I'm bad at puzzles).
I already finished this two times already and still love the game I'm quite sad on how the girl in the painting died though
619 Views 08/16/2023
Games i played and can recommend.
698 Views 08/31/2023
Hello there once again, its another post(or should i say article?) today, let's start. First one today is... Mindustry! A cool Tower Defense genre game, in this game you have to defend Core, build defense and resource structures, PvP other players(if you can find one or more for it), you can also download modifications, and it's also available on PC, overall the game is good and thrilling when you clean up sectors from Crux but the OST is a bit small but still good.
84 Views 10/22/2023
cursed painting waifu strikes again! i'll post again when playing alr?
Ngọc Phạm
Even though she killed me multiple times, I still freaking love her. 🎮 Gameplay: 😳(it's so unique that I wish find another game like this)  📖 Storyline: 😢 (she deserves better)
26 Views 01/14/2024
863 Views 02/23/2023
A masterpiece. Perfect horror game with awesome
TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
TapTap Official
Google Play Best Games of 2020 - Winners (JP)
4.6K Views 12/01/2020
618 Views 03/24/2023
Commenting here to have my it research in the future. Ive lost my account taptap with 1000 play hours and dont know what to do. So i made a new one and etc. Thid game is my favorite of all dont knoe how to react to this comment but yeah.
Bishoy Shinigami
3 Views 02/01/2023
Easy game cool chil story still not that offline
That's everything for now. Start a new game?