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nie isana99
6 Views 05/28/2020
your simple farming with pixel art. the villagers are too kind, our MC is a princess who ran away because doesn't want to married a prince. it has funny dialogue between her and the villagers, which if the character became real in this world, someone would punch her 😂 anyway, the story much like that, and for the gameplay it actually easy to control.. yes, yes. I never thought the time duration within one-day are fast, 15' per 2 second (I counted with my watch 😂 don't ask) we begin at 9 am and night falls back at 8 pm. but if you begin with INT char, well maybe you will alright 🤔.
Gerald Paul Gut
2 Views 05/29/2020
Good game but not that best. Accidentally pressing OK button to dig, when the hp is low. The time was too short. I kept on sleeping when im done watering the plants. but so far it reminds me of harvest moon.
Elen Tabita
1 View 05/29/2020
It's a very simple farming game, but I'm without computer lately to play and my phone doesn't support heavy games so this is good for me to play and pass time. There are ads but I didn't find them that inconvenient. Some people said they came after every day ended but not for me and even then it's just a ad to close not a video one.
0 Views 05/28/2020
fun so far but PLEASE... improve the English translation before you release on Google play... it's going to affect your rating.. it's really bad. edited to 1 star because there is no content, just a hectic grind
styles towers
1 View 05/28/2020
is trash, closet the game in creator the character. my device redmi note 7
Mad Heaven
0 Views 05/28/2020
Its very fast and little hard to get used to at the beginning but hoping later with upgrades will be much easier. game is nice n cute. my only problem now is accidental tapping of 'OK' button while exploring, its really annoying especially when hp is low....
celine dyon
0 Views 06/06/2020
HOW TO FIND THE REAL COW BALL NO 3? anyone can tell me. very hard to do what am i going to do in rain? fishing/digging? and no 1, hard to find diging al around still cnt find cow ball no 1 😭😭😭😭😭
1 View 05/29/2020
So far so good what I could suggest is for the day time to be longer so that I could also do quest instead of farming taking all my time
3 Views 01/27/2022
there is some bug like my daily quest isn't available. overall the game it's simple and calming. not a lot of task to be done in one day, so its kinda easy and quite fun to play.
0 Views 05/19/2020
game open and character it princess so fun ^^
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