Light and Night

Light and Night

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The game is not available in this country/region

"Light and Night" is a highly immersive interactive love mobile game, gathering the top CV, top-level composer and illustrators with luxury scriptwriter team, efforts to create a different real love atmosphere.Multi - line drama, destiny choice, bring you a new high - immersion interactive love experience.

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Boonass_ Xs
i love this game, the graphics are good, the storyline is not boring, the events and banners all look good, fun and interesting, I LOVE SARIEL BUT I GET CHARLIE AND EVAN, JUST LITTLE SAD😢    
419 Views 2022/6/29
Light and Night Figures’Debut Turned into a Mess
111 Views 2022/6/23
Light and Night launched a new PV
1.4K Views 2022/1/26
159 Views 2022/5/14
After playing it for almost 4 months, Light and Night has the best graphics in my opinion. The main story is great, and the card stories really brings out the characters' personalities. Moreover, the game always updated their Moments timeline daily, have lots of messages and calls with player, make it more interactive than other otome games. About the characters, i love them all! but especially Charlie since he is always funny with his witty comments to MC.
168 Views 2022/2/28
I love this game so much ! The storyline and characters are well written, gacha rates aren't terrible and I got most of the cards I wanted on my first few days of playing :) My only issue is the energy cap. Most of the activities on there requires energy which takes time to charge up, once you used all of them, you'll have to wait for them to refill. It takes a while and there isn't much to do that does not require energy. But overall, the game's pretty amazing. Graphics are beautiful as well.
ベリコ (。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑
228 Views 2022/4/12
Best Otome game I've ever played. Balanced Gacha rate unlike many Gacha game I've played before that just force me to P2G (Pay to get) . This game give good amount of time for you to free loot or do dailies, weekly to roll for free if you want to remains F2P. Even if player doesn't understand Chinese also can understand its mechanics and play without much problems ~ love it!
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