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Gosha Uchiha
5 Views 03/19/2020
This is not what users need. You have a project MOBA MARVEL, but you don’t care and you make a likeness of other no longer interesting genres. First, do the last project before, and then another. Otherwise, you will fail in two projects at once.
Selene Rose
6 Views 03/19/2020
As a card based game for marvel it is really good. The game mechanisms are complex but easy to understand. And the best part is the characters jumping out if the cards and attacking the enemy.
4 Views 07/31/2021
Neft the Dr.Strange and Hela deck please,both of them are too OP in battle,who can fight when the enemy can 1 vs all your card in one hit with the passive or can summon the character in their hand with more than 100 attack.
Sameer Max
4 Views 07/31/2020
Before Installing I Am Very Excited but After Installing I Didn't Like That Game . i Uninstall The Game. I MISs Yu-gi-oh BAM💔
Augusto Guzman
1 View 03/16/2020
i am trying to pre register with my right email but it won't let me this is the right email [email protected]
0 Views 07/31/2020
Bring back the beta game, we don't like autochess gameplay!!!!
1 View 03/20/2020
Thid game is amazing can wait until full release😎😎👍👍👍👍🙏🙏
1 View 07/31/2020
Gameplay si very far from the beta test. I prefer the old one. -.- this sucks.
Jo Reyes
0 Views 03/21/2020
Cant enter due to login restrict it says to pick another server but you only have one server what to do devs?
0 Views 03/19/2020
How to download and i will rate the game how can i enter the beta test ?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?