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Laodehaikal Faiz
2 Views 09/22/2022
26 Views 04/15/2020
Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a very funny simulation game on the topic of "seasonal" delivery, is being offered by the publisher for free for a week on the Epic Games Store platform. It is important that the game has just been released today. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a simulation game in a sandbox environment with high interactivity. The player's task is to perform the assigned bill of lading, be it solo or co-op with three other players. The appeal and the multitude of situations that make you laugh "can't pick up your mouth" are the "crazy" ragdoll physics systems that make up "unbelievable" situations. If you need a little suggestion, the ragdoll physics system (not a rag doll, but not so wrong in this case) is the highlight that brings the element of "poking". It is also the "criminal" comes with many inhibitions in the names "oh my god" other Goat Simulator, Human: Fall Flat or most recently Table Manners. If you love to experience humor in the aforementioned games, this is definitely a name not to be missed.
Mehmet Fortnite
2 Views 04/01/2020
My phone doesn't support this game when I try to download this game on play store.But I can download it from taptap.I can play this games but it is lagging very hard. Edit: I can't download it after deleting.
Anonymous v270
5 Views 12/30/2020
Best Game I ever played, I'm addicted... https://youtube.com/channel/UCpqJ1y-YrOsrFbZT92QjVnA specially online
Slime -MC
2 Views 04/01/2020
The game was very bad, the game didn't work. It was only on the first screen and froze
Gion G
2 Views 04/01/2020
Doesn't run on my 4 gb ram 64 gb memory device i wanted to try with my friends
2 Views 10/11/2021
why my is say is coming soon how about you guys dose it say is coming soon?
0 Views 07/02/2021
I am play this delivery game I like but I very like it Fall guys please come pre-registration for fall guys
Guilherme ramos almeida
0 Views 07/17/2022
why is it unavailable?
0 Views 04/01/2020
Is this game crossplatfom?
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