Screenshot of Mini Town: Horror Granny House
Screenshot of Mini Town: Horror Granny House
Screenshot of Mini Town: Horror Granny House
Screenshot of Mini Town: Horror Granny House
Screenshot of Mini Town: Horror Granny House
Mini Town: Horror Granny House

Mini Town: Horror Granny House

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Mini town presents another amazing full of mystery and magic scary house of dark ghost town. This haunted mansion of ghost games is loaded with scary characters which give you a bundle of fun of exploring the monster house with the spooky horror granny ghost. Kids! Do not be scared because this horror town house escape is full of fun mystery mansion of spooky witch. When you start playing these horror house games you will love to fear. So get ready to have extremely magical joy from escape house scary games.

In this mystery house games kids you are going to have fun with lots of entertaining spooky characters. Horror granny witch, scary jokers, horror nun and cute fat casper try to scare you with lots of mystical fun. Six horror rooms of haunted mansion of ghost town give you an extra dose of spell exploration. And a really terrifying graveyard has a really dangerous scary atmosphere of a really haunted place. Just Kidding… Let’s gather all your courage to enter this amazing scary house ghost town and have a wonderful experience of exploring possessed monster house mystery mansion.

Let’s find out what is going on in this ghost granny house mini town:
Horror granny ghosts welcome you in her scary house...

When the night approaches this mini town mystery house is covered with darkness and something terrible happens in horror town. Inhuman spirits appear in haunted mansion spooky witch ghost games . Go to the living room of this scary house mystery mansion and search for a place to hide. But it’s too late. There is a scary granny spooky witch in this monster house escape. There is lots of mystery fun in turning the light on and off and in opening and closing the doors. There is a trunk, go hide in there. A loud scream! A ghost granny witch in there.

Run towards the bedroom. A ghost is looking behind the bed. Cupboard is a safer place to hide. But what! A horrible scary granny spirit also in there. Start your escape house mission and Run for your life.

Bathroom of this monster house games is also looking very scary. A mysterious face just appeared in the mirror. Don’t go to hide in the bathtub. There's danger. Horror granny house become the living place of the evils. Ohhh no...

It’s looking for no escape from this scary house horror town. This escape house mystery mansion is completely haunted. Kitchen is also not empty from naughty ghosts. Look! There is a basement. Go check it. Basement is loaded with old stuff. Ohh my God! A ghost granny soul appears in the fire of the chimney. Horrible spirits also in the little box and washing machine. What is happening in this ghost granny house scary game...

You will find a secret room in this horror house ghost town. This is a secret room of a spooky witch. Candles are burning, lots of chemicals and magical bottles, witch wand and magical flying mop make the house escape room more scary.

This scary house mystery mansion also has a spooky graveyard. If you have dare then do visit that haunted place. The terrifying atmosphere of graveyard is going to frighten you at every moment. Scary dry trees of this horror granny monster house keep the naughty souls. Bats with red eyes and scary granny house spirits are freely flying in the sky over that horrified graveyard. Even cute pumpkins are haunted in horror town. But the most scary thing is, ghosts with broken parts and tear clothes will come out from graves at any time.

Kids feel brave and enjoy the incredible adventure of the horror house ghost town. Explore the fun of fear and have wonderful mystery house escape experience. Let’s unravel the secrets of a mysterious haunted mansion which is inhabited with spooky witches and ghost granny house evils. Enjoy…

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