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Anita Kafle
0 Views 01/29/2023
Very  good  i  ever  play
0 Views 01/14/2023
I love thes game
Nguyen Minh
0 Views 12/09/2022
VEry g
Mohamed Hussein
0 Views 11/27/2022
Hardcore Gamer
143 Views 08/11/2020
🦄 1. MMORPG, Openworld, Animation, Naruto, 3D 2. Android&iOS 🦄 I've always loved the anime Naruto. Now that it's out in game, I'm incredibly excited. Let's talk about this game. The open world makes me feel free and I can go anywhere I want. There are no linear quests in this game, and each player will grow a little differently. The graphics are impeccable, but there are some phone configuration requirements. If your phone configuration is too low, then the game will stutter at high quality.
'Naruto: Slugfest' review
1 View 11/15/2022
59 Views 03/30/2020
Actually this game is already good in terms of gameplay and graphics, but unfortunately there are some shortcomings that still need to be fixed namely when playing often the ping suddenly rises very high so as to reduce the enjoyment of the players themselves and I hope there will be additional features to edit the player so that each player the characters seem unique and are not too similar to the characters of other players.
Huỳnh Hoàng Vinh Ngô
'Naruto: Slugfest' review
0 Views 11/04/2022
Khanh123 Nguyen tran quoc khan
'Naruto: Slugfest' review
3 Views 11/04/2022
Heartbreaker Ed
15 Views 09/04/2020
+ good graphic. + town design (more or less) look like the same like on the anime - (as an mmorpg game) this game is lack character costumization (everybody on the map looks the same). - some mission lack in detail that you have to wonder what you must to do. - (at certain mission) some npc doesnt have quest mark on their head. - some story mission forcing you to play another character (i hate playing as sakura).
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