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Qasim Khan
0 Views 7d
I like this game 🥰
Mohand Tp
39 Views 06/07/2021
why i rate 3 stare because: I hope the developer sees these options if he is interested in my personal opinion as a player... First ... you must adjust the movement of enemies when they appear. Second... Placing obstacles that can be hidden behind when enemies appear. Third .... Try as much as possible in hunting missions to have the movement of bullets attached to the gunpowder line, meaning the movement drawings of the weapon must be adjusted according to me. The movement now is by 30%, it must at least reach 50% .. Fourth. The food and energy situation, so I don't mind going to the pub every time I go on a mission... Fifth... Why is the weapon lost in case of losing against the leaders? Developer this is kinda bad for me as a player after I spent 1900 for a good gun I lose it just because the boss fight doesn't seem 50% understandable
Hardcore Gamer
59 Views 10/23/2021
OMG nerver playing anything so painful like this one Story : i don't know because this game just kick my first impression before i can playing long enough/10 Combat : 2/10 it just cheap left and right side move& looking around so painful Combat system : 0/10 the worst combating in my life you need to find cover and it give you fews defence because enemy always aimbot at you and auto-lock for player 😩
Hardcore Gamer
113 Views 11/23/2021
this game is bad it forces ads on you before you even get to the menu screen and gameplay is slow graphics are not to good aiming and shooting is impossible without dying it's on par with some of the worst games I've played overall it's not worth more than 3/10
PeriDo Gaming
11 Views 09/03/2021
Best Game Like Pc Red Dead Readiption Rdr 2 Check Out My YouTube Gaming Channel PeriDoGaming
Mario Juliando
31 Views 05/02/2020
son: mom i want RDR 2 now please... mom: you already have RDR 2 at home...
Hardcore Gamer
2 Views 05/13/2020
oh god I feel like this is one of those games were you ride your horse around the map on till you find someone to shoot
Red cobra gaming
1 View 08/23/2022
This game is very best game I like this game because it's graphic is very nice and music is nice 
Seg Skids
11 Views 07/15/2022
i haven't played it yet but it kinda looks like a mobile version of red dead redemption
Nishkarsh singh singh
'Guns and Spurs 2' review
0 Views 11/17/2022
My best game
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