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LastDragon KR

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From fundamentals to the exceptional, the last RPG you will ever experience, Last Dragon!<br>Drahken has sealed the Goddess Eledra and the world is coming to an end. A story of Legendary Champions to save the Goddess begins!<p>[Game Features]<br>▶ Everything you expect from an RPG is here<br>- Numerous ways to grow and enhance your units<br>- Your characters will grow and craft just by a push of a button even if you exit the game</p>
<p>▶ Strength isn't always everything, strategic team formation is the key to victory<br>- Take control in battles with elemental advantage and link skills</p>
<p>▶ Bash, Charge, or Freeze, countless skills to cast during battles<br>- Link skills to create dynamic effects and cause massive damage<br>- Form a team from a list of units and try linking every skill</p>
<p>▶ One who wants to wear the crown, must bear the crown<br>- Form the right team to withstand attacks in PvP mode, Battlefield of Glory<br>- Revenge never tasted so good. You always have a chance to get back on those who attacked you</p>
<p>▶ Keep up with the latest announcements and share strategies with other players<br>- Official Facebook : <a href=";amp;sa=D&amp;usg=AFQjCNEgkSLsKsGdMtpIhGu4fWIt45xzbg" target="_blank"><;/a></p>

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