Screenshot of Mini Pixel Farm
Screenshot of Mini Pixel Farm
Screenshot of Mini Pixel Farm
Screenshot of Mini Pixel Farm
Screenshot of Mini Pixel Farm
Mini Pixel Farm

Mini Pixel Farm CN

Release on Jul 28
Dev active
Publisher Pujia8 Studio
Downloads 130Followers 134

Cute pixel style!
A management game where you can enjoy ranch life with just one screen!
Easy to use, just move and use props!

- Game Description
Today, you took over your uncle's little ranch. But the ranch has been unmanaged for a long time and is full of weeds.
You will bring the ranch back to life through your own hard work.

- Grazing Place
Place a square log lot in the pasture and you're ready for critters!
You can keep sheep, calves, and pigs to make your ranch lively.

- Wildlife
Depending on how busy the ranch is, there is often a lovely wildlife sighting!
Like the clever fox and the floppy bunny.
Entertain them and improve your friendliness to fill the chart.

- Guests
Guests will come to the ranch when the accommodation site is set up.
Depending on the animals placed as well as the amenities, the guests will change as well.
Keep upgrading your accommodations to get more guests to visit the ranch!

- Retail store
You can ranch produce and put it on sale in the marketplace, and every once in a while customers will come to buy it.
This way you can get coins quickly and upgrade your facilities.

- Illustrations
Illustrations can record all farm animals, wildlife, guests and various fish!
The goal is a fully illustrated book! Collect as much as you can!

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