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the man who speaks in hands
148 Views 01/20/2023
The game is good but it's more p2w then f2p and the and the community is very cringe and take small and silly things wayyy too personal just say something bad about the game or the characters specialy on twitter and they will all start flaming honestly the game brain washed them I know someone who got addicted to it he just got fat and never leaves his pc and spend day and night none stop and not caring about his life or his health and even becomean introvert he barelygo outsideand touch grass and even some people making a non real character their wife's and other things like having sex with them ect and it's getting out of hand and the devs be like: be grateful and you will get a 1 free pull like WTF.
60 Views 3d
The best of all... It has everthing a player want.. Nice character design, good story,many boss to fight,a big map to explore, f2p friendly too. The graphics is aswm in my opinion. But the only problem is it's big size considering it's graphis , and a good mobile to run it. But other than that it's overall the best.
16 Views 4d
"It is The First Time I Have Been So Sticked To A Game For So Long Beside Fire Emblem Heroes, Basically Genshin Impact Since They Opened The Servers I Started Even The Day Before XD Playing It, The Game Overall Is Very Good, But Its Take A While To Get Primogems And Good Artefacts, I Recommend You To Look For Characters Instead Of Weapons And The Ones You Like (Forget The META And Just Enjoy, You Will Get Bored With Certain Characters, Just Like I Got Bored With Hu Tao And I Went With Diluc, Eventually You will get them), And Also, I Know Is Fustrating To Not Get A Character, But Hey, Theres Always Gonna Be A Second Chance, Now Collect Those Primogems Friend Aaaand Maaarch Foward!"
29 Views 4d
Genshin Impact is the game that have me hookedup. I play around 2-4 hours daily (More when new content comes) and i have been playing it for more than a year. Game play, Graphics, Controls, Plot, Character development/Story this game has everything.
26 Views 5d
10/10, forever one of my favorite games. It's fun to play multiplayer, or alone!! The gacha system gets annoying and stressful occasionally, but that only brings more happiness and pure excitement when you win a 50/50!!
94 Views 5d
I have 1000 hours in the game, don't need any more explanation, lol.
'Genshin Impact' review
291 Views 01/15/2023
   Genshin Impact is indeed a good game. It has an amazing lore and awesome characters. I was fascinated by how cool animations are, they're the coolest.    However, there are few or less bad things. 1)  The community. I don't like it at all, but I understand that this game is really popular and many different people join in, not Hoyoverse's problem that people are like that. 2) It takes a lot of space. I had to get a new laptop to have Genshin Impact. The last laptop was old, but still had enough space left. Don't know if that is because of the great quality this game has, but problem is a problem.
Pie Lie
1 View 5d
How can i play this game on my phone as it is isnt compatible on my phone? I enjoy playing genshin on my pc before, but now i want to install it here. My storage room is big enough and the ram ia pretty good, how can i fix it?
Mukund Shinde
1 View 1d
A great game with a big map to play and and many more to explore, the lore, the graphics, the gameplay quality, and the optimisation of the game, every thing is great.
Bruh, already 2.5 years still no improvement with trash artifact system, i doubted dev even played their own game.
275 Views 01/20/2023
That's everything for now. Start a new game?