Screenshot of Elemental Warrior
Screenshot of Elemental Warrior
Screenshot of Elemental Warrior
Screenshot of Elemental Warrior
Screenshot of Elemental Warrior
Screenshot of Elemental Warrior
Elemental Warrior

Elemental Warrior

Release on Aug 14
Dev active
Publisher 海南易界网络科技有限公司
Developer 炽游GAME
Pre-registrations 47Followers 640

Our story plays out in a forgotten and broken world, where the grit that makes up the world collapses and reassembles itself in a flood of unpredictable elements. The scriptures of the Church tell of a tower rising from the earth to tame the elements and protect the world. Strange forces radiate outward from the obelisk at the center of the earth, supporting a stable continent and blessing the peoples who struggle to survive before the power of nature.
You will play the role of an up-and-coming adventurer whose home has been destroyed by the iron heel of the orcs, and who, with a blue finch, knocks at the elemental gate and plunges into the conspiracy to change the world.
This is not the traditional heroic tale of saving the world, but one that will lead you to discover that everything is as small as dust under the Tower of Heaven.

- Cool equipment, changing shapes.
- Unique Avatar equipment system modeling at will, create your own personal character!
- Exquisite Japanese style, leading skeletal animation technology, vivid details of the movement of characters and monsters in each battle!

- Card deck construction, extreme strategy.
- Berserkers, assassins, nuns, rangers, elementalists and other 8 different positioned professions, the freedom to match your legendary team.
- Fire, nature, water, light and dark, they are all mutually exclusive, and their battle strategies are constantly changing.
- Each profession has its own 13 battle cards with different functions, pick any 5 cards to fight with, extending the strategic experience infinitely.

- Interesting eggs, brain-burning decryption.
- All kinds of eggs are buried in the adventure path: the Time Traveler's Treasure Chamber, the "White's Resistance" dropped by orcs, the déjà vu town of Xiki, and so on.... Search for the eggs, find the good memories of the past, and get a lot of surprises.
- Each choice will affect the next encounter, and the scenery in this adventure will be painted by you.

- Create your own weapons and weapons of God.
- Cool glowing effects, personalized weapon shape, and unique attack effects, highlight your fighting style freely.
- Weapon appraisal will randomly generate equipment attributes, and some epic weapons even carry gorgeous exclusive skills.

- Casual placement, easy to build up.
- Send a scouting team to explore and adventure, you can get offline earnings, equipment, experience, coins, everything!
- Life is hard, hands free at all times! We won't tie up your time.

- Roguelike RPG, random combinations.
- 8 professions, 4 races, 5 elements, randomly arranged combinations to generate unique mercenaries, never repeat every mercenary summon!
- An innovative blend of Roguelike, adventure RPG and card elements, build your own team and explore the randomly generated dungeon mazes to your heart's content!

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