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Gaming Witcher
0 Views 01/10/2023
Good game and graphics
● A post-apocalyptic survival game with all the systems the survival game would have. ● Nice low poly graphics. ● Energy runs out quite quickly. Just nothing special. I don’t mean No Way To Die: Survival is a bad game. It’s just nothing special. It has the same path as many others, energy, food, drink and so on it is meant to be. The only difference is that it has nice low poly graphics. About the gameplay, Explore locations inhabited by creatures that survived the apocalypse and mutated into dangerous symbionts. Collect food and resources to survive. Craft weapons and defend your shelter from the raging hordes of zombies and enemies coming each night. (I took this from the game page. yeah, the gameplay is exactly like what he said)
421 Views 04/06/2022
Admiral Kin
Admiral Kin
Hardcore Gamer
25 Views 07/20/2020
🔯Survival, yet another one🔯 I can not recommend this game by any measure possible, first it has the same path like many other, energy , food, drink and so on it is ment to be, nu the acceleration process of your items in time ( when they brake , it is hilarious) sometimes you find yourself get killed well remember...all what you did gather will be wipe out . In terms of Grapchis it is meh... nothing special .
Ken Aresthus
18 Views 07/19/2020
another ldoe wannabe. but i can say its potential. plus side= 1. you can move while shoot, once you press and hold button it will aim and auto shoot enemies. you then can move backwards or else. i love this. minus= 1. you need to fight enemies and base every level up. that complicated if you low on gear. yes, its easy wave at low level though.
3 Views 07/20/2020
its still betq and there is much more ti add to this gale hope devs add more cool stuf
1 View 07/15/2020
another last day on earth rip-off?
1 View 09/17/2022
2 Views 11/13/2022
slow, not fun :(
Akari hitori
4 Views 09/05/2021
I accidentally uninstalled the game how do I recover my game?
Kaiser Lotus
1 View 07/18/2020
This game is as same as Last days in Earth
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