Project M

Project M

Developer 纸球游戏
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The game is not available in this country/region

Steampunk style mobile game Project M
In the world of "Project M", players will become a member of the "deep divers" to explore the abyss containing great energy ore. And somewhere in the abyss, there are unknown secrets and dangers buried, random map and treasure generation, will give you a new feeling every time you explore the road; real firearms shooting sense of the battle mode, the same weapon diversified attack effect, will give you an unprecedented combat experience.

- Explore the mysterious other world
Mechanical street scenes, hidden buildings in the air, mysterious main city surrounded by fog
Tense and exciting story plot, you will play as a member of the "Deep Diver" to dig the ultimate "secret"

- Random features full of unknown
Random map and treasure generation, random gain "BUFF", make each exploration is different
Randomly match teammates to explore together, meet fellow players in the exploration, and team up to challenge the abyssal bosses

- Immersive combat feeling
Open a new combat mode, perfectly present the real firearms shooting experience
A variety of different types of weapons, each weapon has a unique attack characteristics
Diversified skill selection, the same weapon can also play the magnificent operation only belongs to you

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