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V4 Global

Provider NEXON Company
Downloads 39,541Followers 41,453

Pick up a weapon and ride through the vast open world in the latest cross-platform MMORPG!

Explore a stunning world full of detail, create your own character, upgrade your weapons, and battle across multiple planes!
Will you bring peace, or will you ignite war? Step into the world of V4 and win endlessly!

▶ Devil's Power
Choose one of the 6 attacking professions to deal maximum damage and batter your enemies. Embrace the demonic power of the Demon Hunter, take on demonic form, and deliver a swift combo to turn the tide of battle.

▶ Beyond the Border
Have fun adventuring through the vibrant world of development, traversing the rift between bits and interacting with players from other servers. Explore exciting kingdoms, forge powerful alliances, or take on the battlefields of real-time action PvP. Join the army and get rich rewards in boss battles with 300 players in one screen - it's a new creation on mobile!

▶ Customize your hero
Create an exclusive character look with over 50 beautiful customization options and looks. Equip glorious weapons and armor to make your hero powerful and unleash his true potential. Don't forget to bring your pets and mounts along for the adventure!

▶ Play the market
Buy and sell your gear or items in the player-dominated no-name marketplace, top or bottom. Shops are sure to reward you for your efforts!

▶ Adventure across PC and mobile
Play with friends and guild members from around the world on PC and mobile platforms. Tie your account to the Nexon Launcher and play V4 anytime, anywhere!

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Note: An internet connection is required to experience this game.
*For the best gaming experience, the following hardware configurations are recommended: AOS 8.0 or higher / Galaxy S7 or higher / Minimum 3GB RAM required.

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