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14 Views 2020/8/10
if this is compatible to Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7, then why it isn't on my Oppo A9 2020? Gonna run the game by downloading in Tap, and see, if it runs smooth and good, you might need to change it, but if it isn't, so be it. ofcourse it will be based on my device performance, game performance, and server performance. if something goes wrong in the server, not my device's fault. if game performance got error, it's either a bug or a questionable device performance.
Xenon Cover
10 Views 2020/7/24
How the fck name is going on tell me it's a bug or fck game come on fck create fck character i all most expend fck time to create a fck name guess what nothing dam happen i try to my pc i9 guess what nothing same story i try to my phone fck nothing happen i can't enter that game because to the Fck name he never save i enter fck keyboard guess what same i create i create a dam name i search same story pls work on that fck name or some bug
10 Views 2021/5/30
pathetic we can't write a name they no work I'll try many times and no work this game is really bugg don't waste your time donwloading
3 Views 2020/7/23
the game often gets stuck, is it not because my SD720g chip is not suitable or because the server has many people ??? Hope the publisher overcome.
Hein Htet Zaw
13 Views 2021/12/19
used to be famous this game,but devs too greedy and less offer all ppl quit already including me...so sad..just for 1 weapon can u spend hundred dollars?Eveb spent not sure it worth or not.Now i dont know and no more interested aldy.
3 Views 2021/8/23
I downloaded the game to play and not to watch it, if I was in the mood to watch an action RPG I would have downloaded The Lord of the Rings movie and not a game, 0/0 stars for Auto-Play. >:c
4 Views 2020/8/31
Developers, global publishers, optimize the game for new smartphones, on xiaomi redmi note 9 about the game freezes and crashes, please add the game to the play game or play market, thank you for your attention.
3 Views 2020/7/29
boring, linear, not rewarding for the time spended, no dungeons/raids available on low lvls to engage, not interested in the story... not worth the time... sorry
4 Views 2022/1/25
The gameplay and story is pretty good. But I don't like that the classes are gender locked. At least have one of the range classes be for male. I also dislike the auto mechanic.
Muhammad Akmal
5 Views 2020/9/18
what are the drawbacks of this game? I tried and played it on Realme 3 Pro and it was smooth, but I'm still confused about what makes this game less good? although actually I really hate games with autoplay, and also this game has too many quests in it, besides that anyone can tell me what's not good about this game? by the way i wanna reinstall it
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