Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!
Screenshot of HITMAN REBORN!


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Teen Anime HITMAN REBORN Officially Launches Hands-On! When Tsunayoshi Sawada, a student at Abashibai Junior High School, meets his tutor, "Satsukazu", he begins his journey of growth. As the number of companions grows, he gains the power and awareness that befits a 10th generation Pangkolai leader! The inner strength of the cowardly youth has finally awakened! Lead your charismatic family partners against the onslaught of enemies and create a new story of the Pangolins!

- The story pattern is faithful to the animated plot, and the long history of Naruhoshi Tsunayoshi is fully recreated.
The fierce battles between the ten generations of the Pangolin clan led by Tsunayoshi and their enemies will be replayed on the screen, with all the highlights from the Obsidian chapter to the future chapter! Classic dialogues, scenes, and many other details are restored to create the world of HITMAN REBORN. Enjoy the full charm of the animated story!

- The game's unique character sketches and CGs will be shown in front of players' eyes.
In HITMAN REBORN, the different characters of the teenagers are one of the key points, and through the research of the development team and the supervision of the copyright owners, the unique character vertical art and CG will be shown in front of the players, showing the cool posture of the teenagers of HITMAN REBORN from various angles!

- Animated original voice actors bring soul to the characters.
The composition of a character is not only about how it looks, but the right voice is the key element that brings it to life. We've invited the original HITMAN REBORN voice actors to reunite with their original voices, so you can feel the charisma of the teenagers in their own words!

- Recruit partners and inherit the will of the sky.
Players can recruit strong and reliable partners and create their own family! Experience the many fun ways to play in the family system! Show your will to embrace everything in the sky, bond with other players, and cultivate your own family. You too can become a leader like Tsunayoshi!

- Cool moves for a smooth combat experience.
Use your respective character's cool moves to knock your enemies out with one shot! Classic skills such as Tsunayoshi's X-Burner and Takeshi Yamamoto's Time Rain Swallow Flow are included, and there are also sprinting, jumping and killing techniques to unleash your cool skills! Easy to use and free of combos, you can feel the cool fighting style of HITMAN REBORN even more!

- The player's characters are modeled in 3D, and have been carefully recreated in collaboration with Japanese copyright holders.
Players operate the character are using 3D modeling to create, after several times with the Japanese copyright owners carefully polished, accurate reproduction of the animation settings, will be able to refresh your visual senses!

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