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Beatless is an AI girl simulation ARPG!
A story of farewell and coexistence between humans and "hIE" and its creator, written by renowned Japanese novelist Toshiji Hasani. The characters are originally drawn by the famous artist Redjuice, and the voices of popular actors such as Yui Ishikawa and Amamiya Ten have been added to the story!
Exquisite 3D models to restore the charm of the characters, non-linear narrative to reveal the truth from multiple angles, and a full-view of the scene to reproduce the science fiction "future"! Pure ARPG gameplay, rich formative elements and strategy system, high freedom of operation and so on you experience!

This is a story of farewell and coexistence between human beings, humanoid interactive entities called "hIE" and its creator, the High AI. In a world dominated by the highly advanced AIs, which were born from the best of science, "you," as the last human being with a sense of self, will enter into a contract with the unique "hIE" to save the world.
In this battle for human consciousness, what will you do?

- A new world where humans and AI live together, based on the work of Toshiji Hasegawa.
A unique sci-fi worldview, Toshihisa Hasani's story continues the story between "people" and "things", recreates a high-tech future world, and paints a poem of the future with a grand view of the world.

- With a non-linear narrative, can you read me in the intertwined stories?
In order to explore the "Mystery of Human Frost," players will make a pact with a humanoid interactive individual, the "hIE," and travel side by side. In addition to the rich main plot, there are also subplots that are described from different characters and perspectives. In addition to the rich main story, there are also subplots from different characters and perspectives, which will gradually unfold the story between the players and the "hIE", and the final truth will be revealed....

- Redjuice original case, will I be the AI girl you want to meet?
Redjuice, a popular artist, is the original creator of the game, and Viola, Restia, and Rouge are all exquisitely drawn, with unique sci-fi style characters. Each character is equipped with unique mechanical devices and a sense of futuristic technology, creating an immersive visual experience for all players.

- Can you hear my "heart" voice?
Many popular Japanese voice actors have contributed their voices, making the characters more vivid and full of life, and immersing the players and the characters in the confusing future world.
Deluxe voice actors: Yui Ishikawa, Nao Higashiyama, Misako Tomioka, Hiromi Igarashi, Shimogi Hirono, Amamiya Tenshi.
More voice list: Nana Mizuki, Jun Fukuyama, Shinnosuke Tachibana, Emisato Tuyama, Aya Takagaki, Miko Komatsu, Taketo Koyasu, Shizuka Ito, Mami Imai, Takeshita Aya, Chika Anji....

- 3D real-time combat, will you fight for coexistence or for humanity?
Create exquisite 3D modeling, fully restore the charm of the characters, and exquisite full-view 3D scene reproduction of the "future", the depth of immersion game experience can not be missed.
Pure 3D ARPG gameplay, crisp real-time combat system, easy to achieve smooth combos, switch attacks and other operations, but also in the game can actually feel the strong sense of combat, high freedom of combat fun!

- Will you work with me to save the future by transforming your own AI girl?
Players will gradually meet hIEs with distinctive personalities and different attributes, and continuously improve their affection for each other. Through the rich development elements and strategy system, players can freely transform their bodies and match different skills to create their own "hIE" and fight alongside them to save the world!

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