Screenshot of Incarnation: Flame
Screenshot of Incarnation: Flame
Screenshot of Incarnation: Flame
Screenshot of Incarnation: Flame
Screenshot of Incarnation: Flame
Incarnation: Flame

Incarnation: Flame

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Publisher 哔哩哔哩游戏
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Incarnation: Flame is a handheld game based on the Incarnation anime IP. It tells the story of survivors of an unprecedented global geological disaster, a strange ecological invasion of the earth's surface, and the struggle to survive, and aims to create a real apocalyptic world for all players.

When the ecological spread of Mana, the flower of elimination of human beings on the earth, when living becomes a luxury and a hope, opens its blood mouth and swallows all the dignity and freedom that people feed.

The lighthouse, the last shelter of mankind, a city in the sky that connects people in a great roar, looking directly at all the misery on the ground together.

Genes are plainly marked on all, and waves of emotion are driven to the gallows. The dustman huddles in his pigeon cage like a speck of rotting dust; the upper folk are born and gone in the dawn, calm as if they had never lived. Some peeped into the crevices of the ecclesiastical law and crept forward in the dim light; others took up arms and carried the flesh and blood of their fellows, snatching survival from beneath the monster's fangs. All are shackled, dancing the dance of fireflies on the lava of doom.

What about you? And how will you join this current of struggle with destiny?

- post-apocalyptic restoration
During the game experience, players will gradually understand the background and setting of the world, and through the various details of the game, they will feel the happiness, anger and sadness of each character, and feel the glory of humanity under the apocalypse.
And those hidden in the darkness of the raging tide.

- Impeccable Quality
The game scene is exquisite and the picture is exquisite, giving you a sense of being in the game.
Gorgeous special effects, gorgeous blows, and a hearty rhythm.
The image of post-apocalyptic exotic creatures is shocking and threatening.

- Original CV
The game uses the original voice actors from Incarnation Animation to voice the game's characters, and the familiar voices tell the reason to take up arms.

- Wilderness Hunting Squad
In Squad Battle, players will be able to work together with 3 heroic teammates to hunt large pole-eating beasts.
At the same time, you can decide which character you want to control according to the situation, and make corresponding strategy against the enemy in the battle.
Players can also freely assemble the re-structured characters with different shapes and skills, bringing players a new DIY experience.

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