World of Sword 3

World of Sword 3

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The game is not available in this country/region

World of Sword 3 is a Chinese style big world martial arts MMORPG game that inherits the classic "Sword Art Online" series.

Continuing the classic legacy of the Sword Warrior series, World of Sword 3 is built around the core of "clan" to create a complete big world social system. Here, you will take the name of "chivalry", with friends from all over the world gathered under the family banner, together with Phi Jianshui, hand in hand to move forward, in the 100-player level battles in the blood, with the son with the robe!

In addition to the blood of the rivers and lakes, World of Sword 3 also has chivalry and tenderness. In this beautiful rivers and lakes presented by the most cutting-edge cell phone technology, you can travel together with your friends in the boundless scenes presented by the huge map, and walk on horseback; watch the sunrise and the moon set, and enjoy the snow clearing at the beginning of the day; in the square inch, you can enjoy a thousand beautiful scenes of the beautiful rivers and mountains. If you feel tired, the family has a clear pool in the soup spring to wash away all the glory for you!

23 years of "Sword Warrior" series of classic inheritance, waiting for you to sheathe the sword together, cold mane to break the dawn!

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