Screenshot of Onmyoji:The Card Game
Screenshot of Onmyoji:The Card Game
Screenshot of Onmyoji:The Card Game
Onmyoji:The Card Game

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NetEase Games have recently revealed Onmyoji: The Card Game, a Yokai-themed collectible card mobile game developed by NetEase Games and a spinoff of their highly popular IP, Onmyoji. Despite being under the same franchise, the game creates a very different sensation from the original Onmyoji.
Not only are the portraits redesigned, but also a new soundtrack is produced, bringing a brand new Yokai feast for Onmyoji fans. Hundreds of top painters and voice actors teamed up to create a hidden world of Yokai while the soundtrack is the work of famous Japanese composer, Satoru Kosaki.
The game is set in the tower ship city called Shinkiro, a mysterious place rumored to be accessible only to Yokai. Hyakubun, a kind of card game is the most popular thing in Shinkiro, where even all the conflicts can be resolved by playing cards.
Onmyoji: The Card game is scheduled to soft launch its English version later this year in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia. The pre-registration phase will open up later this year. Please visit their official social media page for the latest information.

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