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I had played this game but I deleted it for NO REASON.I regret deleting it.Can't download, it's 0 :(
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7 Views 11/05/2022
idk why but i cannot download. Its stuck on 0. What should i do???
Valencia responder
7 Views 10/09/2022
this game is so cool!!
Sora Synn
Sora Synn
TapTap Creator
42 Views 02/04/2021
It's Soul Worker Zero but with extra content 😂 And a hot spring ... I was kinda expecting a brand new game , so I'm disappointed that it uses old content .but overall it's not terrible . Also if you're ip blocked , SOLOVPN works . First Impression video here https://youtu.be/fMu1GtFqYaE
23 Views 09/24/2020
After playing the CBT : 1.When the game gave me mission to kill boss or monsters I click on the mission(auto path) when I arrive I don't see the boss so fix this. 2. When I fight a boss with 3 players the games becomes slow (lag) so if this is from urs so fix 3. I don't understand the KR language so I didn't understand the story 💔. 4. Talking to character to gain love is not that effective. In summary It's totally amazing
10 Views 09/23/2020
love what they done with the game , it's so close to the original sw game and frankly fun to play it's varied activities in game are a really fun to play doesn't make it boring or grindy since I don't understand kr can't say on story but love the va who did a great job gameplay itself is simple and easy to pick up.also the enrage mech is quite good.well there is gacha for char cards to raise cp but still interesting as u have affection lvl which also gives mats.
14 Views 04/13/2021
I'm quite impressed. I haven't played the PC version but from what I've read here and there along with my experience playing this, it's fair to say this is the closet it can get to PC. As it stands alone it's stunning. Runs smooth, maybe some lag here and there but it's a must for those who enjoy ACGN MMO (which I'm starting to get into). Not sure about a global release happening but I do enjoy it nonetheless.
61 Views 04/12/2022
Can anyone help me? I literally can't get it to start the download in game it stays at 0 on the first screen
32 Views 01/30/2021
https://youtu.be/DbWeBTNLxGI my vpn config fast no lag
Josh Lab
23 Views 09/21/2020
finally was able to play. despite the language it was really fun. glad there is auto quest otherwise I'd be lost. the combat is fluid and very flashy. doesn't take much skill to dodge and hit skill buttons in this game but the moves and variants of each skill is very appetizing to the eyes.
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