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Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival
Screenshot of Huntercraft: Zombie Survival


Dear players, our game is under development! We ask you to write your wishes and suggestions.

Huntercraft is a free 3d cubic style survival shooter.
The storyline of the game will develop in a post-apocalyptic direction:
civilization is on the verge of extinction after a catastrophe.
Most of the world's population has turned into zombies, and the rest of the people are trying to survive.
You are one of them, your task is clear the world of the dead and walking skeletons.
Remember to monitor your health, hunger and thirst.
During winter, keep warm by the fires to stay warm.
The arsenal has a stock of weapons for warfare.

Active action in dynamic mode with destructible physics of characters.

Creative mode:
Create your own cube maps in your block style.
Share them in our discord and instagram chat.
We will be happy to publish your maps design in our social networks.
We are always happy to communicate with our players and answer all their questions.

Features of the game:
- Modern console-level graphics
- A wide variety of shaders
- Ability to play from the first and third person
- Atmospheric interior and interactive furniture
- Convenient and intuitive controls
- Optimization for weak devices (from 1.5 GB of RAM)
- Change of weather and time of day
- Shadows in real time
- Beautiful character animation
- Customization of gameplay to your liking

For fans of our game, we have posted all the previous versions of the APK on the site:


Version 1.1.4 2021-11-02
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- Advanced settings added(sensitivity, resolution, anti-aliasing, fps, fov)
- Exclusive Skeleton skins
- Bags skins
- New zombie types(mutants & mini-mutants)
- Location decorations
- Red blood color
- Godrays Shader
- Hitmarks & killmarks
- Combo hits
- RoadMap & Statistics


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Play Time 2.8 hr

I never expect much from the game , I just download by seen it's in-game pictures and played. But afterward, It's is Totally Super Duper Awesome , with just around 42 MB size it's very impressive to delivers such a gameplay experience with the kind of high level Graphics.
1. Awesome High-End Graphics with just 42 MB Game Size.
2. Insane Gameplay experience with no lags.
3. Very good gaming mechanics, such as, jumping, walking, firing or shooting, etc.
4. Good Lighting and Shadow Effects in both day and night time.
Even game is very nice, It have many drawbacks, such as :-
1. During firing or aiming it is difficult to fire at first because without using aiming button or fire first after switch between guns and other items, it hard to guess where shoot.
2. There is no scope support in guns , specifically in sniper.
3. Even the creative section is under development, the Survival section is not so entrainment all or enjoyable, because it's all just roaming around and shoot zombies and looting houses. There is no specific missions or something special or unique.
4. If I give a headshot and blow off the head of zombies, it's never die, it just roaming headless around and attacked me if caught me by chance. To kill It completely, I have to shoots them at the cheat that's ridiculous.
5. There is no map button, to show the entire map and there is just one map with very limited area.
I just wanted to get more that those problems can resolve and makes the gameplay more interesting with more maps and large area, guns and missions.



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Great Game 👍✨


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Current Version 1.1.4
Size 41 MB
Last Updated on 2021-11-02