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The game is not available in this country/region

This is 2084, a wasteland world. Survivors of the Isle Cities, are you ready to get shot out of a cannon in a capsule and venture into the perilous world? Explore maps with unique vehicles, pick up weapons equipped with skills, maneuver around the battlefield with your Jetpack. Be the last one standing!

1. Lock n’ Load, Brand-name Weapons!
The Big Four arms manufacturers Prism Technology, 9A Corporation, Murphy Security, and Wasteland Spirit supply survivors with countless spectacular weapons. Each weapon has a unique skill, so say goodbye to conventional gunfights and say hello to mind-blowing tactics!

2. Vroom, Assorted Vehicles!
Quadrupedal? Hovering? Turreted? War SUV? Super racecar? We have everything! The speed and firepower combat vehicles bring create more possibilities on the battlefield.

3. Lift Off, Jetpacks!
Soar into the air, and punish your enemies from on high! Maneuver around with finesse for the perfect sweet spot, and propel with agility to dodge those bullets. This is an irreplaceable equipment in the quest for survival!

4. Expansion, Team Capsuler!
A total of 8 Capsulers have rallied and are awaiting orders. The cute veterinarian from South America, the rational engineer from South Asia, and an irritable scout are the newest recruits. They are ready to enter the danger zone and earn the exclusive survivor title for you!

5. Charge Up, Energy System!
To survive, you need to charge up. Charging Poles all around the world can provide your equipment with Energy so you can tap into your potential and face the challenge of this barren world at your best!


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Everything seems awesome
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Love the graphics. But there is 1 thing I don't really like about. This battle royale have way too many vehicle / mobile. Everywhere I go, most of the enemy are riding or driving (totally kill the battle royale feeling). That is one of the reason why I uninstall this game before. But still, I give you guys 4 star. Will keep looking for your game. Hope you can reduce the amount of vehicle (remove that function where we can hold 1 vehicle & spawn it whenever we can).
Hardcore Gamer
Fairlight 84
24 Views 06/18/2021
yeah okay it's beta. the original trailer is a little bit deceiving. the movement in the game is extremely slow sluggish. and there's two game modes hunt and battle Royale. the weapons do power up as you use them and kill enemies for their power. other than that I didn't think it's anything special. it would be great if there was control support because as it is at the moment it just feels way too slow and painfully sluggish that's my main gripe with the game.
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TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
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That's everything for now. Start a new game?